Jorge Valdano. The Eleven Powers of a Leader. (Los 11 poderes del líder). Business & Economics / Commercial Non-Fiction. Published: 03/10/. Los 11 poderes del líder: El fútbol como escuela de vida. ¿Quién es Jorge Valdano? Ex Jugador y entrenador Argentino Campeonato Mundial. In a new book, Los 11 poderes del líder, Valdano wrote that if Guardiola was Mozart—flamboyant and ingenious—Mourinho was Antonio.


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Who do you think you are? He once said he could almost certainly describe that goal better than Maradona, but he could never have scored it.

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Asked a question, Valdano will pause, then answer in complete sentences. Countless books cite his reflections, which invariably slam pragmatists and extol risk-takers who view football as art to be enjoyed.

What are caresses for? What is the smell of coffee for?

Not a letter of his manifesto has changed since he grew up in Las Parejas, Argentina, where he and his friends played improvised games, gobbling down their dinners to make it in time for when they picked teams. What 11 poderes del lider he followed, he 11 poderes del lider listened to on the radio, playing out the action in his imagination.

Not before he was fifteen, indid he watch the World Cup on TV, and his jaw dropped when he saw Brazil display the artistry he had envisaged. Only later did he realise that this was the exception, not the norm.

One person who lived there later told him that he always saw him with a book in his hand.

The power of curiosity

Now he began studying law and reading Jorge Luis Borges. He also read up on politics.

Argentina were losing in a friendly against Uruguay when Valdano came off the bench. He struck twice to hand Argentina a first win at the Estadio Centenario in twenty-five years. Just as Valdano was breaking through, Argentina descended into chaos. In11 poderes del lider civilian government fell in a coup led by General Jorge Videla, who set up a military dictatorship called the junta.

Just two years before Argentina was to host the World Cup, the junta was kidnapping children, 11 poderes del lider activists and killing political opponents.


Not that he saw all of the terror. A year earlier, he had fled. Tall and strong, Valdano had been tipped to do well.

We all know the stock image: In a nutshell, just like Maradona. In those days, everyone was telling me I would make it big in Europe.

The philosopher

I wanted to be successful in my home country, but I was no Maradona. The sad 11 poderes del lider is that, as a fan, I too would rather have watched Maradona than Valdano. Back in Argentina, he said, the prospect of rain was reason enough to suspend a game.

Unaccustomed to cold and mud, Valdano picked up ten muscle injuries in a year. One day there he met an erudite compatriot who recommended him books.

A few years 11 poderes del lider, he was writing himself. He began hitting the net and made the World Cup, only to get injured in the second game as Argentina crashed out.