The Cathleen ni Houlihan Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and. Discussion of themes and motifs in William Butler Yeats' Cathleen ni Houlihan. eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of Cathleen ni. Cathleen ni Houlihan. For centuries, drama in Ireland, like its people suffered from the colonization by England. Although for most of its history Ireland had small.


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Kathleen Ni Houlihan

The groom's choice — and eventual death in the failed rebellion — rejuvenates Kathleen Ni Houlihan to some degree. Sacrificial aspects of the myth[ edit ] Richard Kearneyp.

At the same time, these heroic sacrificial martyrs are rewarded by being "remembered for cathleen ni houlihan Kearney, p. In the years since Cathleen ni Houlihan has continued to be viewed as a battle-cry for the Irish republican movement and considered a sacred work. Constance Markievicz called the play a "gospel" from her cell shortly after the Irish Easter Cathleen ni houlihan.


The play was simple and very effective. Yeats sought to lift the audience as a whole out of their surroundings and cathleen ni houlihan them to a land of Irish myth and make-believe. Cathleen ni Houlihan is staged simply in a peasant family cottage.


The author compared the small stage background to the background of a portrait. Early audiences embraced the cathleen ni houlihan reading: These responses, operating on contradictory logic, demonstrate the extent to which nationalism was invested in both Irish resilience and English culpability.

Cathleen ni Houlihan (play) - Wikipedia

In this allegory it is not victory but the will to fight that cures the disabilities of the Irish body politic. Curing sym- bolic disability in this case involves risking literal impairment.

Mindful cathleen ni houlihan the nationalist need to eschew the image of disability, which served as an international signifier of inferiority and unfitness for freedom, the reading of Cathleen ni Houlihan as a desexualiza- tion of the sovereignty myth takes on new significance.

Masculine chivalry is determined by bravery and strength, as well as by cathleen ni houlihan ability to protect women, children, and the elderly from danger. In Cathleen ni Houlihan a performance of masculine valor and strength purchases and defends feminine youth and vigor.

Cathleen ni Houlihan Themes

In the nationalist reading of the play the reclamation of such feminine ability validates masculine participation in violence and war, even unto death. The woman in this allegory is emphatically not an object of romantic desire.

Although Cathleen is to be protected and her honor defended, she is not a passive cathleen ni houlihan of this fidelity. cathleen ni houlihan

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In the cathleen ni houlihan reading of the play sym- bolic ablebodiedness legitimates literal disablement, and men should march to war to promote an image of Ireland as fit.

In taking account of both of these seem- ingly incompatible interpretations, this reading of Cathleen ni Hou- lihan registers the inevitability and inescapability of Irish disability.

Cathleen ni Houlihan

On the Study of Celtic Literature. Smith, Elder and Co. Longmore and Lauri Umansky.

Irish Goddesses from the Morrigan to Cathleen ni Houlihan. Yeats, Pearse, and He- aney.

8. Irish Nationalism in “Cathleen Ni Houlihan” | Exploring the Art and Literature of Ireland

The Irishman in Victorian Carica- ture. Disability, Deafness, and the Body.


This men that died while fighting for Ireland were considered heroes, which is why memory and martyrdom were such important themes that are cathleen ni houlihan into works about revolution. Memory is valued, and many men during times of revolution from Britain wanted to be remembered as a hero.

It is cathleen ni houlihan all the Irish penchant for the mysterious that forms the base of the play. In Cathleen ni Houlihan, Ireland is seen in allegory as a female spirit, ancient and unfathomable but also capable of transforming herself into a beautiful and queenly young woman.