Many translated example sentences containing "fractura de tobillo" – English-Spanish dictionary and search engine for English translations. La incidencia anual de las fracturas de tobillo es de por personas. Generalmente afectan a hombres jóvenes y mujeres mayores. La pregunta de si. Dependiendo de la edad del niño y del tipo de fractura, la escayola debe Se suele utilizar en las fracturas de tobillo o de la parte inferior de la pierna o tras.


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Rehabilitación en las fracturas de tobillo: resultados | Rehabilitación

Por lo tanto, es posible que el pediatra recomiende que su hijo tome paracetamol o ibuprofeno para aliviarle el dolor. Los siguientes consejos pueden ayudar a mantener fracturas de tobillo escayola en buen estado: Fracturas de tobillo secas las escayolas no impermeables.

Muchas escayolas no son impermeables, de modo que es muy importante mantenerlas secas durante todo el tiempo. No introducir objetos ni sustancias dentro de la escayola. We then updated our search up to 6 Februarysetting the initial date of search from 1 Januaryfor the following: This strategy was adapted to the syntax and capacities of the other databases see Appendix 1.

There were no restrictions based on language.

Fijación interna para fractura de tobillo

Searching other resources We looked for additional relevant trials by checking the reference lists of identified randomised trials. All authors of included trials were asked for additional information on any published, unpublished, or ongoing fracturas de tobillo.


Data collection and analysis Selection of studies The titles, abstracts and descriptor terms of all downloaded material from the electronic searches were read by Fracturas de tobillo, who discarded clearly irrelevant reports.

The remaining citations were then screened independently by CD and HA to establish the need for obtaining full articles. Full articles were also obtained where there was any uncertainty about the relevance of the study.

Subsequently, CD and HA independently applied fracturas de tobillo inclusion criteria.

"No tan fáciles fracturas de tobillo" by Xavi Gascó on Prezi

Any differences in study inclusion were resolved by discussion with fracturas de tobillo third review author CL. Any disagreement was resolved by discussion, if necessary approaching a third author.

Where necessary, trial authors were contacted for further information on their trials.


Extracted data were stored and managed using Review Manager. If required, interim statistical calculations were performed by CD and CL. Assessment of risk of bias in included studies Fracturas de tobillo review authors CD and HA independently assessed the risk of bias of each included study.

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Any differences were resolved by discussion, with arbitration by a third review author CL. Each study was graded for risk of bias in each of the following domains: We also assessed performance bias, specifically in terms of surgeon's fracturas de tobillo.

Measures of treatment effect Treatment effect was measured using fracturas de tobillo ratios for binary data, and mean differences or, where different outcome measures were used, standardised mean differences for continuous data.

Unit of analysis issues As expected, the unit of randomisation was the individual patient in the included trials.

Dealing with missing data Trial investigators were contacted for additional data if necessary.