Ce duo de danse moderne et contemporaine, chorégraphié et interprété par Alessandra Cocito et Adrien Spone. Les premières pages de l'ouvrage "Lignes de faille" de Nancy Huston. Pour en savoir plus, allez sur. French[edit]. Pronunciation[edit]. IPA: /liɲ də faj/. Noun[edit]. ligne de faille f (plural lignes de faille). (geology) fault line. Retrieved from.


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The entire design is created with gold leaf.

Fault Lines by Nancy Huston

Gold has been chosen for two purposes: The only weak point is the first child lignes de faille get to meet: Sol is spoilt, sure of himself, uncaring about the people around him, and horribly obsessed with sex and violent images from Internet while her mother naively worships him and overprotects him.

He is actually monstrous and precocious at a level lignes de faille strains credibility - at the age of six, he masturbates to internet images of Iraqi torture, believes himself omnipotent, and idolises Bush and Schwarzenegger.

This is a Protestant household with a mother who was originally Catholic and a Jewish father. When Sol's grandmother Sadie visits, lignes de faille talks incessantly about the Lebensborn - a Nazi project in whicheastern European children of Aryan appearance, including Sol's great-grandmother, were kidnapped and brought up as Germans.

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This once-buried strand of family history forms the spine of the novel. The result is a lignes de faille showcase lignes de faille observations of a type reminiscent of so much American dysfunctional family literature since Jonathan Frantzen's The Corrections. Fault Lines follows four generations, their story traced from wartime Germany to contemporary California, and pulls off a structural challenge that is notoriously difficult: Each quarter of the novel is narrated by a different six-year-old, and again, by choosing first-person, present-tense children's voices to portray periods of history, Huston clearly never set out to give herself an easy life.


Her great professional accomplishment is that she overcomes most pitfalls and fulfils the task she sets herself with a steely nerve. In this workshop I discovered other material that Lignes de faille wanted to explore in the same way.