On Sep 25, L. B. Oliveira (and others) published: OTITE CANINA – UMA ANÁLISE BIBLIOMÉTRICA. (Caseira) Dieta caseira para cães e gatos: é possível alimentar cães e gatos de Freqüentemente, observa-se otite externa e, em casos graves, otite média. which was already observed previously (9,16,23). RESUMO. Ocorrência de Malassezia pachydermatis e de outros agentes etiológicos de otite externa em cães.


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July 25, Otohematoma is a condition that comes usually after an ear infection.

The genus Malassezia with description of four new species. Antonie otite em caes Leeuwenhoek These results describe tha variety of bacterial and fungal isolates associated with canine otitis and reveal the need to adopt systematic procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of dogs with otitis.

Otohematoma and Otitis in dogs – Otohematoma e Otites em cães | avetslife

The second speaker of the Session was Dr. Amit Agarwal, Natural Remedies Ltd.

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Australia is a rare country that accepts ayurvedic products as medicines, otite em caes not as food supplements. Australia follows the British pharmacopoeia and also recognizes Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China However, it does not officially recognize the Indian Pharmacopoeia or the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia.

He cited instances of hardships faced by his company regarding the same; for example one of their products containing Triphala was not approved otite em caes the Australian Regulatory Authorities a Terminalia bellerica Bibhitaka was not listed in TGA Pharmacopoeia and a study published in claimed T.

The company then extensively studied the safety and efficacy of T.


This led to the successful outcome of monograph of T. He thus highlighted the extent to which publications may harm or benefit the herbal drug industry and the scope of otite em caes that needed to be done otite em caes establishing a robust and authentic safety profile of herbal drugs.

In the third presentation of the session, Dr.

Adip Roy, Unilever Pvt. He began his presentation highlighting the points that need to be considered for Safety evaluation of Otite em caes products, which are mentioned below: In case of a product for local application, whether it is a Leave-on product or a Rinse-off product, as the period of contact is longer in the former case.

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Carvalho, Tiele da Silva Published: The objective of the site is to implement an electronic virtual library, providing full access to a collection of otite em caes titles, a collection of issues from individual serial titles, as well as to the full text of articles.