The Rose Cross Ritual (RCR) is one of several ceremonial techniques including the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) and the Lesser Banishing. The Rose Cross is a symbol largely associated with the semi-mythical Christian Rosenkreuz, . The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn made use of the rosy cross as well, including 'The Ritual of the Rose Cross," designed for spiritual. Calling Down the Divine Light of the Rosy Cross. For Initiates of the Second Order (R+C); others utilize the Middle Pillar Ritual. This ritual is, like the Middle Pillar.


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Upon the white portion of the lamen, below the rose, is placed the hexagram, with the planets.

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Around the pentagrams, which are placed one rose cross ritual each elemental colored arm, are drawn the symbols of the spirit and the four elements. Upon each of the floriated the arms of the cross are arranged the three alchemical principles of sulfur, salt, and mercury. The white rays issuing from behind the rose at the inner angles between the arms of rose cross ritual cross are the rays of the divine light issuing and coruscating from the reflected light of Kether in its center; and the letters and symbols on them refer to the analysis of the Key Word - I.

Thelema and Thelemic mysticism The symbol of the rosy cross played a substantial role within the system of Thelema as developed by Aleister Crowley. In a cosmological context, the rose is Nuitthe infinitely expanded goddess of the night sky, and rose cross ritual cross is Haditthe ultimately contracted atomic point.

For Crowley, it was the job of the adept to identify with the appropriate symbol so to experience the mystical conjunction of opposites, which leads to attainment.

In this sense, the rose cross is a grand symbol of the Great Work: The Tau and the circle together make one form of the Rosy Cross, the uniting of subject and object which is the Great Work, and which is symbolized sometimes as this cross and circle, sometimes as the Lingam - Yonisometimes as the Ankh or Crux Ansata, sometimes by the Spire and Nave of a church or temple, and sometimes as a marriage feast, mystic marriage, spiritual marriage, rose cross ritual nuptials," and in a hundred other ways.

The Ritual of the Rose Cross

Again, see the Rose Cross solidify. Then continue the arc back to the starting point in the Southeast, mentally acknowledging the Rose Cross already there. From the center of the Rose Cross in the Southeast follow with your pointing finger the arc of light which is already there back to the vertical center Ementally acknowledging the Rose Cross which is already there over your head.

You may re-vibrate the name on this occasion to mark the beginning of the third arc. Trace this third arc by drawing an imaginary line of light from the Rose Cross over your head E over and down to the Northeast, walking as you do so, until you are pointing at the already existing Rose Cross in the Northeast D.

From there draw the arc down under the floor back to the nadir point F mentally acknowledging the Rose Cross already there. Bring the line of light through the center of this lower Rose Cross over in an arc and up to rose cross ritual Rose Cross already present in the Southwest B.

Complete the circle by drawing rose cross ritual line up to the apex point E over the center of the room.


rose cross ritual Back at the center of the room, perform the Qabalistic Cross once again, which makes a large Rose Cross of yourself. Visualize yourself at the center of this network of Rose Crosses and lines of light.

The Rose Cross Ritual

Any of these are alright. At the finish you may wish to draw a large Rose Cross in the center, rose cross ritual lieu of, or in addition to the closing Qabalistic Cross. Regardless, the geometric significance is the same, for the Rose Cross Ritual forms a Cube of Space with the operator at the center or Tav Point.

The Cube of Space is rose cross ritual ancient qabalistic concept based on assignment of the paths on the Tree of Life to directions in space.

Diagrams of the Cube label the center rose cross ritual Tav. Some rubrics call for the drawing of a large Rose Cross at one of the cross-quarters at the end.

The Ritual of the Rose Cross

Sometimes, the instructions call for a special vibration for the rose cross ritual Rose Cross. It is best performed following a general banishing ritual.

While the banishing ritual is negative or purgative, designed to clear out impurities, the Rose Cross ritual is positive or invocatory, designed to draw in a clean, formless light -- giving the magician a blank astral slate on which to work, so to speak.

One should master rose cross ritual LBRP first and thoroughly, then one may reduce emphasis on banishing and focus on mastering the Rose Cross ritual. It should be done frequently with regularity -- once per day perhaps. From the centre of this cross, and, rose cross ritual stick before, walk diagonally across the room towards the North East corner.