SAP SD Pricing Procedure Tutorial, Step by Step Guide: Transaction Code: OVKK) based on Sales Area (Sales Organization + Distribution. Maintain Pricing ProcedureMaintain Pricing ProcedureMaintain Pricing ProcedureMaintain Pricing Procedure Define. Pricing is one of the most important topic of SD module in SAP. Once you understand this concept it will be easier for you to grip other SAP SD.


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Pricing in Sales and Distribution is used to define the calculation of prices for external vendors or customers and cost. This condition is defined as a set of conditions when a price is calculated.

SAP SD Pricing Configuration

Example Consider a case when customer orders specific quantity of a product on a particular day. Various factors like customer, product, order sap sd pricing configuration and date tells the final price to that customer.

This information is stored in the system as master data in the form of condition records.

The account keys form part of account determination. The accrual keys form part of account determination. I shall give an example.

To solve the problem, proceed as follows: Save, sap sd pricing configuration and activate your entries. Consider that you can also use this note as a help if you want to use other customer-specific fields as key fields in a condition table.


For header fields, use structure. For creating a condition Table: See what best you can use the Standard Tables to avoid further errors.

Sap sd pricing configuration that the sequence here is important in higher hierarchical to lower. Use check and uncheck functionalities there.

Steps for Pricing Configuration & Maintaining Condition Type(s) in CRM | SAP Blogs

Check the Table is generated or not. One for Sales Order 2. Another at the Billing Let us take an example: Generally in the Parma industry this procedure is adopted becuase all the sap sd pricing configuration are batch price based.

In the Pharma Industry whenever the goods are manufactured it will done in a batch to keep track and price is fixed, I mean there will be a Batch Sap sd pricing configuration which has a certain price fixed for it. This Batch Master will have certain number of batches.

These batches will have the number series generated wither by internal or external generation depending upon the client requirement.


So till all the batches are produced as per that particular Batch Master will have the same price. Like that there will n number of batches will different different prices. So when you sap sd pricing configuration preapring Sales Order you be only putting the tenative price for the goods that are sold.

SAP SD Pricing Procedure Step by Step Guide

Then at the time of delivery we will be picking up the goods from different batches basing on the required delivery quantity and finally we do the PGI. This is called Delivery Based Sap sd pricing configuration becuase your price for the goods will be determined at the time of the delivery as the goods picked up from the different batches which have different prices.

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Mind it there will very less difference in the prices.