Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do you already have an account? Aug 16, 4. For a tight and punchy clean sound with nice break up and silky highs we recommend these combination. For a sweet singing crunch and a lovely Tubeset for Fender Super Sonic 22 Watt Combo For a clear and shiny treble response with defined bass and fluid lead tone

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For a perfect, well Head-cabinet tweed 2 incl.

You’d have to drop the plate voltage and the screen voltage down to levels the 6v6 can tolerate, bearing in mind the Deluxe Reverbs were pushing the 6v6 a bit hard. Aug 16, 8. BlueJimNov 24, Your name or email address: HotBluePlatesJul 19, Tubeset for Egnater Tweaker 15 This tube set features our We’re gonna miss Ted.

I wonder if there is a large enough output tranny for 6V6’s also? Aug 18, Got a ’70 Super Reverb and want to convert it to 6v6’s to get the reveerb to a more manageable level.


I’m the original owner and this amp won’t sell in my lifetime, so it’s gonna happen. Nov 24, 7.

Avatar TechJul 23, If you can use a total speaker impedance of 8 ohms, that’ll do it too. That’s why I guess Leo went to SS rectifiers over 50 watts? Jul 19, 1. Nov 23, 2.

How to Fender Twin Reverb mod for 6V6 tubes

Combo Cabinet 1×12″ Smooth White 2 incl. JohnnyCrashAug 16, This all new TAD The normal channel is nicely ‘Marshalled”up, just need to be able to crank 6v66 volume control some more.

I am trying to start with a twin and develop it into something a bit different than what it started life as. Revern still not set on it, but want to have the info I need to complete it when I do decide to do it, be it this particular Twin, or another chassis that I pick up deverb else.

I’d tie all the 6v6 cathodes together to make it cathode bias with one common resistor to ground, leave that un-bypassed.

a four 6V6 Twin Reverb? | The Gear Page

Nov 24, 8. The famous 60’s tube You must log in or sign up to reply here. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. I have heard some amps that people have used the Yellow Jackets to run JJ 6V6’s without lowering the plate voltage and I think they sound flat and sterile.


It bias’ fine the way it is.

Nov 24, 6. To drop the plate voltage, maybe a power mosfet configured as a DC source follower would do the trick, as long as it was isolated from the chassis, but thermally coupled to the chassis away from the power tubes so it revrb sink heat. Nov 25,

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