If the Super Client driver has control, the computer beeps once to indicate it recognized and installed the card. Plug one male end of the splitter into the Card Reader and the other male end into the device from which you removed the power cable. It also includes the Custom Partition In cross references, they identify the names of sections and chapters within this guide. For example, this could be ‘D: Watch the responses the drivers give carefully. Read through the entire chapter for hints that may help you.

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ActionTec PC User`s guide |

Applications Software A client driver may have its own application software interface. This section explains how install the module in a 3. Boot with the card in the slot. Click on the COM port icon you wish to use.

Actiontec AU802C

The CardTalk drivers fully support these cards. It summarizes what you need to do to install the Card Reader in your computer.

In both cases make sure the computer assigns a driver letter to each socket as the computer boots. Atciontec be absolutely certain that the unit xctiontec do what you want before you buy it, though, I suggest that you contact Amtron Technology’s Tech Support folks using their e-mail contact information here: SYS file, CardTalk may assign multiple drive letters to each socket.


Refer to the documentation that came with the card to identify the sounds it makes. SYS driver assigns one drive letter to each socket when it loads during system startup.

You may have additional rights, depending on the state in which you live. This may have to do with the default drive selection during the format operation. Flash card programming algorithm not supported. Any person or entity to whom this document is furnished or who otherwise has possession thereof, by acceptance agrees that it will not be copied or reproduced in whole or in part, or used in any manner except to meet the purposes for which it was delivered.

To use a different subdirectory, backspace to erase the default name, type a new name and press Enter. It should either be DB or DB In addition to reading this discussion, refer to Chapter 3, Installing the Software. Page 28 Installing the Hardware The cables must not be twisted.

Boot to a DOS prompt. Disassemble the Computer Before you can install the board in your computer, you need to determine if there will be an address conflict with any other device in your computer. If you wish to save any data, copy files from the card to another drive before selecting Apply Now. FFS2 allows you to delete and edit files on a Flash card. Use Card and Socket Services. To create multiple partitions or a select a special format, refer to the Custom Partitioning a Memory or Hard Disk Card section in this chapter.


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Does my operating system support my memory card? However, The Manufacturer warrants the diskette s on which the Software is furnished to be free from defects under normal use for a period of ninety 90 days from the date of delivery as evidenced by a copy of your paid invoice or sales receipt.

The file copier cannot copy the files because the target disk or card does not have enough space to hold the files. The supported file systems are: Double-click on the Ports icon.

CardTalk This term refers to the complete package of drivers, utility programs and the memory card data file TMB All applicable rights to patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets in the Software are and shall remain in Databook.

This is usually because some system resource necessary to support the card is not available.

SYS file to read: Reboot for changes to take affect. The cards described in this chapter work with CardTalk and the drivers provided on the distribution diskette without requiring additional software.

Verifying the Configuration How to actiobtec that you’ve configured a memory or hard disk card properly depends on the card.

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