PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. If the Core iQM and GT M now compute with full power stress test for both , the effective power increases to watts. Unfortunately, the key’s poor feedback doesn’t fit in this high-end concept including mouse pad. The measurement under high load stress test determined up to 44 degrees on the top. Socket on the rear would have been more practical. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Its capacity of 4, mAh is too low for the N82JQ’s high power consumption.

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Review Asus N82JQ Notebook – Reviews

If the Core iQM and GT M now compute with full power stress test for boththe effective power increases to watts. Consequently, an average asjs is used in view of color representation.

The manufacturer positions the N82JQ as a compact entertainment machine. Form and Function Focus Soft touch fingerprint resistant rubberized materials keep you comfortably in control Backlit classy diamond-cut speaker mesh lights up experiences in audio. Super Sonic stands for acoustic high-performance by Asus.


But if the device costs as much as euro, then it has to be a good lookertoo. But, the N82JQ in front of us definitely doesn’t belong to them. The N82JQ is thus suitable for mannerly customer contact on the one hand and for a bit of showing off among friends on the other. Please refer specification pages for full details. However, the rating is lower than in other systems with an iQM.

The bottom reaches an average temperature of 32 degrees during a scenario of word processing and web surfing. Keyboard Asus uses a so-called isolation keyboard. We show the least aeus of b82jq whenever possible. Please share our article, every link counts!

Find out everything about the benefits, but also about the drawbacks of the Asus N82JQ. Due to Prime95’s activity, all eight threads ran with 1.

Fifax, high, 98 fps. We recommend that you check with your local dealers n28jq the specifications of the products available in your country. They emit their sound towards the table top and hands on the laptop impair the sound. Recessed hinges add strength and longevity to the build while providing better screen viewing angles and improved input ergonomics.


This varying volume that is reached reminds us of gaming laptops. Its capacity of 4, mAh is too low for the N82JQ’s high power consumption. The same texture that adorns the lid’s aluminum look is found on the touchpad. This includes innovations such as Intel Turbo Boost, which automatically speeds up your processor when your PC needs extra performance. The department for accessories reports: Our hands feel comfortable on the dull and very wide surface.

DVD playback comes to an end after 1: Low pitches are completely neglected. The interfaces are well distributed on both sides. Samsung R Hawk with a Core iM can stem: The package also extends the international warranty for the same period.

Splendid “Super-Sonic” Multimedia Enjoyment

We test the 3. This result indicates a strong system. The Arrandale 32nm CPU can calculate asis four physical cores with 1. Call of Juarez Benchmark

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