Text Copies originals containing only text. If the document was arranged so that the specified page would be printed on the back side of a page, the page is left blank and the specified page is printed on the front side of the next page. This kit is used to prevent unauthorized copying. Press [Yes], and then [OK]. Check Job Left panel display 5. If the problem is not resolved, perform the following operations, and then contact your service representative. The [guidance] Key The [Guidance] key The [Guidance] key Press this key to view and check descriptions of various functions and operating procedures.

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Authentication unit biometric type AU Authentication unit biometric type AU The basic settings screen appears.

If print quality is deteriorated If print quality is deteriorated Cleaning the electrostatic charger wire If the electrostatic charger wire is dirty, streaks will appear though the printed images. If print quality is deteriorated Cleaning the print head If the print head becomes dirty, print quality may be reduced.

Insert Nizhub Application Settings Blank Select this option to insert the specified paper sheet after the page you have specified.

Application Select the desired copy settings, and then press the [Start] key. When the [Guidance] key is pressed, the Guidance screen for the displayed screen appears. The following procedure describes how to load paper into Large capacity unit LU If Data Administrator V3.


Specify whether to print on all pages or only on the first page. Settings Year Configure the c652/c652ds/c552/c552d/c452 date and time.

Using the keypad, enter a value for the number of copies you desire. Leaves the back side of the second page of the copy blank, and inserts the specified paper for the third page of the copy.

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The indicated tray has run out of Add paper. Configure whether to au- tomatically select the account assigned to the user during logging in. Center Staple Position p. Change Icon Change Icon Change the icon specified as registered user information.

Konica Minolta IU-612C, Imaging Unit Cyan, bizhub C452, C552, C652- Original

Open the machine’s lower front door. Place the original to be inserted on the original glass. Administrator Security Levels 7. If the following conditions are met, printed copies are fed out and sorted in an alternating crisscross pattern.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C452 C552 C652 Main Drive Unit Assembly A0P0R70700

When printing a proof copy, specify multiple copies. This item is displayed if the saddle stitcher is installed in the finisher.

Please when in- The toner for the indicated color Prepare to replace the toner car- dicate.

Specify whether to log out the user when scanning the original has finished after the user logged in with the authentication unit.


Color Registration Adjust System Settings Color Registration Adjust If color shifts are detected in the print result, adjust the each color print position for each paper type.

Application Background Color Color the blank area of the original with a specified background color. Press [2 Logoff Settings].

System Settings Gradation Adjustment Adjust irregular gradation levels of print images. Also See for bizhub C Network administrator’s manual – pages Function manual – pages Network function manual – pages.

The following describes each symbol related to correct and safe usage of this machine. Configure function permission settings as required.


If you select [Transparency], specify [Black] for [Color] in advance. Key symbols This symbol represents a key name on the control panel, touch panel or the computer screen, power switch, etc. When the message “Trouble” appears call a service representative If this message appears, perform the operation described in the message.

Page User Settings Increase Priority The currently processed print job is interrupt- Displayed for the list ed and printing of the job given priority be- bozhub print jobs in proc- gins. C652/c652ds/c552/c552ds/c4452 a single color is selected, the images are reversed relative to the selected color.

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