New features I am looking for: The brick says output is 6vlt. Consider whether your post is more suited for another forum. Do I need to go back and look harder or am I confused about what you’ve said? Laurie – female of the species – travelling full-time with Mac Air and iDevices for company I click therefore I am. Forum rules Friendliness First – Always!

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Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. At times I’ve received emails using the BP3 but couldn’t even send a text on my supposedly blue tick NextG ‘country’ mobile. Why do I carry the BP3 still?? I cut the lead on the BP3 and put in a joiner in it it is then simple to swap ends to suit the different units DON”T froget to alter the voltage tho!!! We have been using it continuously for over a year now in our caravan. Looking to upgrade it to something a little more robust but in particular that can share the internet connection by ethernet as well as WiFi.

Midem don’t have a particular budget in mind yet although cheaper is better.

Telstra Bp3-ext 3g Next G Wireless Broadband Modem

Laurie, a lot modek people have stayed with the BP3 as they’re a more sensitive modem than the new gateway models. Heaps of options although gigabit Ethernet will narrow them significantly, but I think all of them require you keep the USB modem. I have nodem this router with a BP3-ext for 10 months nowand it has been a rock solid combination. Consider whether your post is more suited for another forum.


Does anyone use a wireless router for this modem that can run from 12vlts? Maybe I could run the 12 volt one direct but prefer to use the adapter because I have it, and it probably stabilises the voltage. LaWrie is powering his via 12v adapter. The brick says output is 6vlt. Who could be bothered using a BP-3 when Telstra will give you the Gateway for free if you bed and plead I’m a complete novice with electric k s but could probably solder something if my life depended on it.

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Now in Nthrn Rivers area. I used a dovado umr router and that worked fine, BUT any newer device will work with it. Can this be done? New features I am looking for: But feature set will take precedence over price. Some of the newer modems may be faster — but none will be more reliable.


Lucky you came along to set Ron on the correct course of action! See the index page for the full list.

Who powers their BP3-EXT modem from 12vlt? – Caravaners Forum – Since

As a older model, you will have no trouble finding a router that is compatable. I haven’t used one myself, but if you want to go upmarket — the Dovado Tiny router, is getting rave reviews on this forum. Do I need to go back and look harder or am I confused about what you’ve movem The modem itself has a connection point for bp3-sxt booster antenna. Basically any router will be compatable.

Would also prefer something available in local stores Adelaide as I would like to pickup before close of business wednesday.

Hi, I have never really had much to do with 3G mobile broadband modems.

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