I would hope not the later, as this would mean the integral function is dependent on the software loop time, and has much lesser resolution than if it uses all the data. When the need is for increased power, paralleling two or more loads can be done to achieve the desired load current. This capability is ideal for determining worst case voltage peaks see Figure 1. DC Electronic Load Model series. The series can draw its rated current under very low voltage 0. Claim or contact us about this channel.

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I would hope not the later, as this chrooma mean the integral function is dependent on the software loop time, and has much lesser resolution than if it uses all the data. As pabview, I deleted the 7 dots around the center completely and fitted the two wings of the input data. I have created a VI that distinguishes difference between 2 images.

The result is that 66300 have to generate an AVI file for each photo an video and after I have to concatenate them Figure 3 shows the parallel synchronous dynamic loading and Figure 4 shows the parallel non-synchronous dynamic loading of previous designs.

Difficulty in plotting xy graph for x, y inputs coming from two different while loops one under another! Ive attached both the main VI file and the test VI that contains the password prompt Thanks in advance and sorry for the terribly long post.


In addition, each module can be operated independently or synchronized so that all modules start operating at the same time while running independent programs.

There are labvoew two things I don’t understand: I need to write a VI with a pulse counter employing fieldpoint.

Chroma ATE chr63200a Electronic Load

The results is not publishable at all. I have to read the signal from that instrument but I don’t really understand how. My question is probably easily answered. This unique feature guarantees the best loading performance for modern Point-of-Load conditions and fuel cells.

Claim or contact us about this channel. The provides a dynamic synchronous function that can be used to perform this test on up to 10 outputs within each mainframe. Browsing All Articles Articles. Run into this error when install my application on another pc win xp. Avoiding the need for using an oscilloscope to capture the voltage peak, saving time and costs. When I run the vi with the highlight bulb on, I can see both x and y data points are going into the xy graph for each change of x input.

Does integral function sum all data in the buffer, or just chdoma last point? I have a machine that runs a Fhroma program for testing.

DC Electronic Load | Chroma ATE Inc.

This should be no problem as I can get up to 5V. Chroma’s Series Programmable Electronic Load integrates micro-processing capability into each load module to optimize the speed and control among multiple load modules.


Surprise, surprise, it has got even worse “Gauss2”– blue curve.

If you guys can help me, please give areply. With the VFD display and rotary knob, the loads offer versatile front panel operation.

Chroma ATE chra Electronic Load – USB Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

Real time measurement of voltage and current are integrated into each load module using a bit measurement circuit with three current ranges. For example, the CV is designed to simulate batteries for charger testing. There is no error code, nor missing filename. In addition to common constant labvkew, constant voltage, constant power and constant resistance modes of conventional loads, the accepts digital data from DAQ cards or analog data from function generators to allow for complex waveforms to be created as depicted below.

First, I tried to write photos and video with different sizes in the same AVI file like the example in the VIs attached. Dear all, I want to plot a xy graph where the x and y inputs are coming from two different while loops.

Then I interpolated the missing rest and lagview up with “Gauss3” — the orange curve. Each load module contains 3 load current ranges with a minimum full current operating voltage of 0.

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