Compaq, and the Compaq logo are registered. PASS – Indicates that internal hardware information was successfully passed from the modem firmware to the diagnostics software. Find an RJ11 telephone cord that is 6 feet long 1. Explore the Web with powerful tools for easy Internet access all with the touch of a button. Dialing and listening to the access number Using a telephone, call the access number used to connect to the Internet and listen to the handset.

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If you have to first dial a number before dialing an outside line, enter this number into the Dialing Rule Prefix field. Select Open the tool and then click OK.

Before you begin Check the following items before troubleshooting dial-up connection problems:. Networking by Aloysius Low Oct 4, If the modem has successfully connected to the ISP in the past from the same phone number, skip this kodem. PASS – Indicates that the modem can detect a dial tone on the phone line.

In farm country, forget broadband. If the phone has an RJ11 only two or four contactsa connection and a Ring Equivalence Number REN is listed on a label underneath the phone, the phone and the line are probably analog. If your network is slow or acting weird, it’s possible someone is stealing your signal 746 maybe more. If the access number continues ringing and never picks up the line, access may be down. This page requires Javascript. After Windows resets the Internet Explorer setting, click Close.


If possible, find a different cord than the cord that is already connected to the modem. A valid credit card is required in order to initiate the service. The ISP can answer these types of setup questions and help you make the necessary adjustments in Windows if you have not already done so. Europe, Middle East, Africa.

Helpful information is shown under results to help troubleshoot any failures that are found. My Your instant connection to Compaq for product information, helpful hints, performance updates, service and more Multimedia controls: How does HP 77469 software and gather data? To make the modem ignore a dial tone, use the following steps:.

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See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. This document contains solutions for most common modem problems. To prepare Windows for troubleshooting and to resolve most problems related to Internet browsing, reset Internet settings as follows:. Verify your connection password and contact the support number for your ISP. This document can help resolve most of these types of problems. Try using another access number if available or call the support number of your ISP to find out if they are experiencing service problems.

The ISP should have provided critical information needed to setup your account: Once the wall connector is repaired and you can hear a dial tone on the same line, connect the modem to the wall connector, and try connecting to the Internet again. This modfm credit card machines, mosem machines, DSL modems that use the same phone number as your dial-up number, cordless phones these should be turned off as well. If you think there is a problem with the sound quality on the phone line, call the telephone company to address the problem.


Connection problems might result from poor sound quality over the phone line, bad cable connections bent cables or pinshigh call volumes at the Internet Service Provider, or modem drivers and software that are incorrectly configured.

Communications Data Compression Protocol. If the modem still cannot connect to the Internet, continue to the next step to test the modem hardware.

Trident Graphics Integrated in the ViaChipset.

HP Compaq Presario PC-TEL Platinum Series V.­90 Modem driver download free (ver. 8.­0 K-C)

End the call and reconnect the modem to the wall connector using the phone cord and try connecting again. Max Fax Transfer Rate. If the access number picks up the line and you hear high-pitched squealing tones, the modem should be able to connect to the Internet.

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