The task bar is where the start button resides. The accessory is activated by clicking with the left mouse button on the SRS or QSound logo in the notification area If you have trouble finding the accessory, move the mouse over each icon in the notification area until you find the icon with a tool tip that says “Crystal SRS 3D Audio” or “Crystal QSound 3D Audio”. A DOS device driver used to initialize and configure the card. Win95 is a PnP OS. SYS, and prompt the user to restart. For a clean reinstallation, the user should see the Uninstalling Crystal Audio drivers section below.

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Last edited by Malik on If you ask me, if you’re getting a new motherboard, the reason to get an add-on PCI audio card has diminished tremendously for general home use read gaming. EXE Crystal Windows 95 uninstall program.

Cirrus Logic Crystal CS4280 User Manual

Users browsing this forum: To find the OEM refer to this guide pvr. Creative’s Driver support is abyssimal, to say the least.

SoundBlaster Pro support does work very well on these cards, though, although the volume balance between FM Synthesis and SoundBlaster Pro digital audio is crap, especially on the Maestro-2E, where the digital audio overpowers the FM Synthesis so much it becomes inaudible. Turtle Beach My experience with these cards are limited but generally good. When Windows 95 restarts, the Crystal drivers should install using the default Windows 95 installation.


I never considered any of these of any particular cd4280. I got really poor results trying it out, even though I tried it only with two games: So far, there have not been any problems.

Drivers | DriverZone

To find the OEM refer to this guide pwr. ALS You can see some preliminary tests and initial run by following my link in my signature – the last, bottom one in small letters. Someone mentioned the Solo-1, and I actually was using a Solo-1 in the very first rig I ever build, a Celeron s LX after I had disabled it’s onboard crap sound This is not installed by default and requires a change to the install.

Installing Crystal Audio Drivers 5. To find the OEM refer to this guide pvc. The place to find device driver updates.

Doom works fine, but the digital audio is FULL of static. Why in the world would a PCI card need Windows 3. This file will create an extension to the default Windows 95 Power Control Panel, enabling new features such as idle time-out and power down now.

And I “think” it had more ambient sounds like water drops dripping within temples and such. Turtle Beach is something like Diamond Multimedia – they make good stuff from available techs and core chips, and enhance them with their proprietary add-ons or just basically polish the quality.


As for the CMI, don’t bother with it. Both of these cards use a different YMF clone that’s really odd as it sounds different depending on whether you use the card under Windows 9x or DOS.

Sound Card Driver Crystal Cs Cm | saverny

Home Driver Scan Messageboard. You may find that you prefer different settings for different types of music. Turn PC on and start up Win There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. The notification area is where the clock normally appears on the task bar.

After running setup, the various Crystal devices from the Control Panel should disappear. And supports Dolby Surround Yes, I might miss the “Crystallizer” in the Cs420, but if you have a good audio system or a good AV receiver, you won’t notice the difference. Creator of The Many Sounds of: Win95 is a PnP OS. Win95 asks for the manufacturer’s Disk.

Whats missing in your collections? For a clean reinstallation, the user should see the Uninstalling Crystal Audio drivers section below.

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