Sorry about the guy below who had problems, but I am pretty sure Epson has a warranty against things like that regardless of where you buy it. I rarely print in colour so I would expect to change the black I selected my print server, which populates the name in the section below. This unclogs the nozzles so they can deliver ink properly. Is it possible to print on tx with just a black In this printer Epson has produced an excellent machine that prints crisp CD labels directly on printable CDs.

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Needless to say, I was thrilled with my purchase! Why are the other ink cartridge s required? It prints fast and clean.

Cleaning the print head | Epson CX User Manual | Page 33 / 56

Not finding what you are looking for? Never turn off the CX Series while head cleaning is in progress.

There are 4 inkjet cartridge s. Show More Show Less. Have full black ink cartridge although other colour cartridge s are low cyan empty. Then try cleaning the print head again. The main drawback is that you have to scan the CD image from a different machine because this one isn’t an all-in-one model.


My print er refuses to print in black without having all 3 colour cartridge s full. Run a nozzle check as described on page 32 to s ee if the print head needs cleaning.

Both printers had problems within just a few months. This is kind of easy printer to use. Print head cleaning uses ink, so clean it only if quality declines and the cc5000 check indicates that the print head needs to be cleaned.

One time I searched on “eps” and found a whole other set of print drivers at the bottom of the list. Then I selected the Gutenprint driver mentioned above and everything seems to now be fine.

If quality still does not improve, one of the ink cartridges may be old or damaged and needs to be replaced see page I rarely use colour so, Black ink is used up more quickly. Posted on Feb 6, 2: User profile for user: I bought 2 of these – one for each of my sons as Christmas presents.

Also, the inks are pricey–but there are now continuous ink systems available for it which I’m hoping will address that problem. In this case, replace the appropriate ink cartridge first see page The CX Series runs a head cleaning cycle and the On light flashes.

Turned out we had the same problems and went through ink way too fast. Cleaning the Print Head 33 Cleaning the Print Head If your printouts are unexpectedly light or faint, or you notice light or dark bands across your printout, you may need to clean the print head.


More items related to this product. So, when I worked to add the printer, Mac OS first brings you to the “default”, which is the icon of the printer and magnifying glass.

Speaking of ribbons, you can get them fairly cheap on eBay. My Epson from several years ago is still chugging away, but the CX is to be avoided.

Will not print Epson cx5000

Mistake I bought 2 of these – one for each of my sons as Christmas presents. That problem was corrected in later version of the Cx0500 drivers. The drivers Epson supplies only work when the printer is connected to the computer via USB. Do I have to replace color cartridge to get black cartridge working?

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