They can be used to connect various data sources such as: Powered by Progress Sitefinity. Specifying a default order by limit using any of the following methods returns a maximum of 2,, rows for queries with an ORDER by clause. Global Solutions Directory Legal. To configure these connections, install the appropriate database client on the computer running the Oracle BI Server, then edit the user. Matches the connection pool settings for the Data Source Name Specifies the targeted Oracle physical database.

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Change the values if necessary, then click OK. Performance Tuning Progress DataDirect management of packet-based network communication provides unsurpassed packet transport, network round trips and data buffering optimization.

Using DataDirect Connect ODBC Drivers on Linux and UNIX

If you are having trouble connecting to an Oracle Database using OCI, check to ensure that the following conditions are true:. Our unique “wire protocol” design eliminates the need for database client software and libraries, which simplifies installation pracle administration and dramatically improves performance. There are three methods to specify this clause in the configuration.

Power IBM i 7. The following example provides details for a Teradata data source with a data source name of Terav Read Next What’s new. The Call interface field displays the appropriate value for the release of the Oracle Database you are using.


cnnect If these conditions are not true, and if the server and client data sources are pointing at different databases, then erroneous updated row counts or incorrect results appear. The driver is now compiled using Visual Studio for improved security.

Using DataDirect Connect ODBC Drivers on Linux and UNIX

Global Solutions Directory Legal. You must use the identical ODBC connection name to the data source name specified in the connection pool defined in the repository. In fact, our wire protocol drivers have been independently proven to outperform applications that use the database’s datadirrect proprietary API for database access.

For compatibility purposes, the EnableNcharSupport attribute can still be manually specified for this release, but will be deprecated in subsequent versions of the product.

For example, to set the library path variable for Teradata on Linux: See Trademarks for appropriate markings. Live Chat is currently unavailable.

The driver is optimized to communicate directly and efficiently with Oracle servers conhect the Oracle server wire protocol. Best-in-class functionality, reliability, ease of use With Connect for ODBC, you get consistent behavior and optimized performance across different databases to improve developer productivity and the dependability and performance of your applications.

Services Consulting Education Modernization Outsourcing. A product specialist will be glad to get in touch with you. Powered by Progress Sitefinity. See “System Requirements and Certification” for more information. For these data sources, including Teradata, you must odbx your own ODBC driver, then update the user. The User name and password fields contain the correct values.


IBM – Progress DataDirect for ODBC

Support has been added for Oracle Database Vault. The driver has been certified to use Oracle Internet Directory as a means to store authentication information.

See System Requirements and Certification for supported versions of Informix. This chapter contains the following topics: Open your repository in the Administration Tool. For example, declare the variable as follows using the 64 bit rdaadmin client tool:. When using the Update Rowcount functionality in offline mode, the Administration Ooracle uses local data sources on the client computer, not the server data sources.

You might need to expand the database object in the Physical layer to see the Connection Pool object. Be sure to use backslashes to pass the quotation marks as part of the string.

The Administration Tool is used for importing objects and is a Windows-only tool. See Example for sample values.

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