Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. I am hoping this works. Create Account or Login to Reply. I have currently purchased a Dell Inspiron m and at the start the speakers intergrated on the laptop worked perfectly. Since it’s new, call Dell.

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I hope this will help the developers to find a solution. She can’t hear her music or UTube, but video works great.

Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505 Sound Card

Make sure that “Laptop Stereo Speakers” is selected. Ricoh Co Ltd Unknown device Sometimes users are told they will have to reinstall Windows.

I would need a line in in order to mix the sounds, hence the stereo mix option. First attempts at fixing were the basic uninstall of the driver to have Windows reinstall. Then rebooted and, as you reported jflynn33,Vista reinstalled both drivers and the sound and modem work.

There are quite a lot on that page Brian Murray brian-murray on I’ve got the same problem, and cad no response to my new thread ;- http: After you have uninstalled and rebooted, go to the Dell website and into ‘download my drivers’ or whatever its called now. The first time sounc fine, I just upgraded my hard drives and ghosted Windows XP back on to the main drive. Included is the output from lspci, dmesg, and modprobe.


System and Maintenance,then click: It worked for me. To make things worse they have even deactivated the mic in the audio manager when you revert to stereo mix.

For those who have a SigmaTel sound card – Page 3 | SingSnap Karaoke

I’m so irritated by it that I have to keep going back to the onboard, and then back the the good one, when I want to do some recording in my studio. Make sure you have your volume turned most of the way down so you don’t blow your speakers. Results 1 to 15 of 16 Thread: So I didn’t keep the Gold My kid is home from LSU with a laptop with no sound. In the newer installation with the 2. I have noticed LOTS of songs on here that are way off voice and music. I now recall that after I finished the Vista “Upgrade Anytime” that it automatically re-installed the modem driver and this is when my audio stopped working.

Ok so ive done a little digging around, since i have a Gateway desktop with the Sigmatel HD sound, and found a little fix that may work for some of you on Vista. This new recorder should be compatible with all PC’s. The volume control icon doesn’t shou up on the taskbar either. The first step, ALWAYS, is to check and make sure that the right cadd device is selected as default in audio device setup.


Well according to the Dell website, you could have one of 3 different audio cards: It would just be nice if they would quit using SigmaTel and go with a more widely compatible audio system; AC 97 seems to be pretty good so far. However now when i try to play audio or video files there is no sound on video there is video but no sound At the audio sign there is the Speaker icon with a red and white X, similar to the mute sign however when you scroll over it, is says: More information about text formats.

I suppose they didn’t exist when I first installed the linuxant alsa-driver and the other one worked for me That is exactly what I am going to do tomorrow. Click on the “Playback” tab. Information on sound-system comparing two kernels 2.

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