Other projectors using the same protocol are: Found chipset “Intel Bay Trail”. A quick analysis with binwalk shows that this partition contains some x bitmaps: Tweeper is a web scraper which extracts the most recent public tweets of a given user from their home page on Twitter. Get it from the Tweeper source code repository. The two together costed less than a leather rope. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

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The firmware was extracted from the USB dumps too, by first using parse-sniffusb2.

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I haven’t taken the device apart yet to see what physical package the flash chip uses. I thought about using a BlinkyTape but the small battery would have not been enough for the 60 LEDs, and also the slip ring would have been necessary anyway, making the cost go higher.

I did steal some code from Blinkinlabs, tho.

This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Get in touch if you have any ideas about that.

Found chipset “Intel Bay Trail”. So after some hours of looking I found that it’d be super easy to customize the root filesystem and even all the logos of the boot sequence; however what I really want to do is to load a custom kernel, but that’s meat for another day.

I eventually intend eigitune run Debian on it, but let’s take a look digicoom the specs and do a full backup first. I thought they had something to do with some chip identification, and in fact by following the mx driver code you can derive that this communication means more or less: Embed this content in your HTML.


I need to learn more about how this UEFI thing works in order to confirm that.

The pictures can be spotted with a really rough approach using rawtoppm from netpbm:. While testing the adapter I’ve found out that signal reception improves when the little antenna with the magnetic base is on top of some metal object, I put mine on top of a candy tin box and I can get a few more channels, from what I read the physical principle that makes this work is the one of the ground plane of a monopole antenna.

Example of use on the command line: With the cool exrex python modulegenerating the strings was a breeze. There are newer firmware versions available on the net, so if I am going to test them it’s better to save the one I have right now.

Incidentally, when I was doing my pre-purchase market research, I ran into digitunee projectors which —unsurprisingly— are running a Linux system themselves linux kernel, busybox, etc. The firmware image is available for download and it does contain the Linux kernel and other Open Source software, but the source code is not available, neither Linux or the GPL are mentioned in the downloadable documentation; I am going to do more research on this later to see if Acer is in compliance with the GPL.

There were several scenarios ahead: Digicom Digitune-S UsbSnoop dump. I think the product has some minor design issues:. Digitume and compile flashrom on an x86 host: The Trinket is fine but I think more stuff could be squeezed in by using a custom board, or a Trinket daughter-board.



A thing I discovered by chance, by misspelling the username in one of my tests with different POP3 servers: The result of my efforts to make it more accessible can be found in the visomat-utils repository, in the README there are some details about the communication protocol and the data format used by the device. Maybe the EFI binaries just display the logo and then boot an Android boot image from the right partition, depending on the boot option.

The software side was pretty easy as I had flashrom already working on the BBB, and I had a backup of the flash contents: I am also attaching some pictures of the final setup.

Get and compile flashrom on an x86 host:.

Since it’s an SPI flash there is a chance that it’s reasonably easy to re-program it with an e programmer in case of a brick.

Not just yet, thanks.

Digicom DigiTUNE PRO manual

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