Please fill all the fields in the table. The recognition is effective from the date of the meeting of the Screening Committee in which it is approved. Provide the details of on-going research programmes and research programmes undertaken during the last 3 years. The period for which recognition is granted would generally be 3 years terminating on the 31 st March of the third financial year. Indicate whether the scientific research expenditure is shown in annual report by a separate schedule or not.

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The auditor should certify that the amounts incurred are for research.


Details of ongoing research programmes planned to be undertaken during the next 3 years: A copy of the certificate of registration with the hard copy. Import substitution Give estimate of foreign exchange saved or likely to be saved per annum: Equipment indicate details with value: Legal status of the organization and date of Registration: Name and address of the organisation: Details like address along with city, state and pin code has been uploaded through system and user is not allowed to change these details.

Recognition with retrospective effect is not granted. The recognition would help them to evolve research infrastructure by way of overall administrative support assistance and other assistance as may be necessary for the efficient working of a research-oriented organization. Application format To be filled online only III.


To establish this, the college should submit the affiliation letter and a certificate from the Vice-Chancellor of the university to which it is affiliated. Areas 260 Research Undertaken: Complete e-application and one hard copy to be sent to DSIR with all necessary enclosures. Provide complete details of investments under various heads.

All amounts received by way of sale of know-how premium and royalty, fee charged for a research project including testing fee etc. All attachments to the online applications must be in the.

Details of on-going research programmes: Assets acquired for research by organizations out of funds received should not be disposed off or transferred in favour of the promoter companies or to other agencies without the specific approval of the Department.

Page 33 – DSIR e-Book

RAC would be constituted by the Organisation to oversee and evaluate the research activities. A brief write-up on some of the major past achievements, ongoing and future projects.

Investments should be strictly in accordance with the provisions contained in the I. Copies of the audited accounts for the last 3 years with the hard copy.


Indicate details with the total value. Latest annual report of the SIRO iii. A copy of the power point presentation given in the e-application, to be enclosed with the hard copy. Enclose audited statement of accounts of the organisation for the last three years with the hard copy.

Kindly note that the investments should be strictly in accordance with the provisions contained in the I. Username and password is to be used are same as that used earlier.

Trusts of the nature of a partnership or family concern would not be eligible for approval as a scientific Research Organisation. How to structure your report.


The Organisation should be non-profit oriented. The recognition is effective from the date of the meeting of the Screening Committee in which it is approved. Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, and Training Courses etc. While activities relating to training, awarding scholarships, vsir scientists, organizing symposia etc.

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