I have the same problem. You are a genius! See the Release Announcements Section. Peter Bennett pgbennett wrote on I got it working in Precise 64bit by installing the 3. Photo by Johan Biilmann. Simple Scan doesn’t find the scanner anymore.

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After download, right click and select to open with software installer and install the data first, then iscan usb, and then the usb one. I can confirm the problem still exists on Confirmed for Epson V Now iscan or Vv500 should see it when you open either one.

How can I get my Epson v scanner working? I also have this problem, but not with all Epson scanners. StayFair 4 years ago.

[SOLVED] Epson V on Ubuntu 64bit

Xerox has an “universal”, script based driver installer available at http: Laszlo Keki ssabra wrote on In the meanwhile I had a look on different brscan drivers I had this problem fixed and now it’s happening again! Just a heads up. X-Org or wayland doens’t matter. Martin Owens -doctormo- Epson v photo doesn’t work either.


Rob Cannell r-cannell wrote on This would mean that it doesn’t matter if the plug-in expects the library multiarch or not. But that was in the past, and may have been before I upgraded to the current Ubuntu Linux version Yevhen onegin-ua wrote on I’ve gone through all the fixes in this thread to no avail.

Epson V Working in Linux | I Shoot Film Scanner Group. | Flickr

Bus Device Then the iscan plugin file. I just found out that after updating both Ubuntu and Virturalbox, my scanner stopped working in Linux.

This fixes the problem. Many scanners can no more be used since sane has changed something: A Test here showed: But the scanner is no more recognized. Then the connection buuntu the device is lost and I need to restart the device.

Supported Scanners

If you want to allow normal users to also use the scanner, ubumtu is the solution: Perhaps they will add the necessary lines. Sorry to say that staedtler- przyborski solution did not work for me epson V photo.


Family’s laptops in order ubutnu manufacture year are given below. The example below is from another one of my scanners set up in the way described above.

And after following the directions here I ended up with 2 drivers for my Epson Artisan This effectively kills mDNS Avahi broadcasts and so I’m not able to connect to the printer using that system.

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