Posted February 6, Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question. I’m not really a linux person so having these RPMs what do I do so I can load the drivers during install so Xenserver will see the drives? Xen Ent 4 works ok. Does the installer see the separate physical drives or nothing at all? Ingram87 Enthusiast 1 Members 4 posts. Other attributes of this feature include:.

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Is there anything else we can do?

Sign In feature is currently unavailable and you will not be able to post new softwarr. Posted February 5, Posted April 12, The drivers I found on the intel website didn’t have some of the extensions that it talks about. This feature allows a user to interactively use the keyboard, video, and mouse KVM functions of the remote server as if the user were physically at the managed server.

Any ideas on how to get it to work? I have four drives installed.


Re-package it as follows: I’m having trouble understanding how to get ssata xenserver installation to load these drivers. This may be usedin conjunction with the remote KVM feature, or as a standalone applet.


A remote media session is maintained even when the server is powered-off in standby mode. Can you tell me how can I blacklist ahci module at boot during install and after install, during regular server boot?

That would be awesome if you were able to but for practice and just so we can learn is there any documentation on performing these steps? Posted September 30, After installation you shouldn’t need to explicitly ahci as the other driver will have been loaded in the initrd.

I hope it should work as these raid controllers are supported in XenServer v4.

XenServer not picking up RAID driver – Server Installation – Discussions

KVM redirection feature supports the following resolutions and refresh rates:. Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. The KVM-redirection feature automatically senses video resolution for best possible screen capture and provides high-performance mouse tracking and synchronization. Share this post Link to post.

Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting. Must have to activation sta and mini dimm to get the hardware raid. What RAID configuration are you using? Here are the files to build a driver disk in your DDK.


Colfax CX2235i-S24-X5 2U Rackmount Server

Once the operating system is in operation, it optionally uses TPM to provide additional system and data sofftware. Posted February 6, How would I go about loading the drivers for this? It just seems it doesn’t work with the raid controller. I am having a little trouble with getting XenServer to pickup the raid drivers.

You will need a driver disk for this controller. The bezel assembly includes snap-in options that can be used for customization.

Temporary Maintenance – VMware

Can you point me to some ewrt-2 s describing available xenserver kernel boot options? When installed, its design allows for maximum airflow to maintain system cooling requirements. Posted September 21, Does the installer see the separate physical drives or nothing at all?

A pre-boot environment, such as the BIOS and operating system loader, uses the TPM to collect and store unique measurements from multiple factors within the boot process to create a system fingerprint.

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