Then once the next guide is put up everything will be complete. Minimum Client-computer Requirements One or more computers that meet or exceed these requirements:. I forgot the most important part, lol. As for acquiring another motherboard the best bet would be to look on eBay. When I view status on the WHS console it tells me that remote connection is available, but the health warning remains. Please try again shortly.

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Good Luck and if you need aditional help please let me know. I am trying to ex4770 if the sys drive failed or if the lan port is bad. While I was writing this reply the network health went from at risk to healthy and I did not make a change to the router. It might be useful if you could tell us exactly what warnings you’re seeing Periodically all of my ex4700 report that the network health is at risk through the Windows Home Server Console at some point or other during the day.

Guide: How to resolve a failed LAN Port on your server —

Europe, Middle East, Africa. If you would like to add video to your server you can purchase a debug cable from VOV Technologies. The first setback was a feature, not a bug: I do not want to ignore the errors as netwoork may be signs of a more serious problem.


How does HP install software and gather data? These files are vital for performing a server recovery.

HP MediaSmart EX470 (GG795AA) Server

The wait times are there to ensure you have allowed enough time for the drivers to be loaded so the devices we are about the use will work properly. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Am I getting in over my head? The Firewall is Blocking the Connection. Its a bit of a process I have tested it on my end but am still waiting for someone who Metwork have given the instructions to actually report back. When I view status on the WHS console it tells me that remote connection is available, but the health warning remains.

I have no USB devices attached — I read your earlier posts — thanks.

Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 5 mal editiert, zuletzt von creamsicle I forgot the most important part, lol. Make certain that your not using any 64 bit drivers or it will simply not work. To read more netwirk those problems, as well as more about how I got the BIOS working to recognize all four drives, see this thread.

If you had special configurations set in your router nstwork your server you will need to correct the settings to reflect the new IP and MAC Address in the router.


Are you running Bitorrent or any other P2P apps? I may try rolling back to an older version of the driver to see if there is a compatibility problem with the latest.

Broadband connection, such as DSL or cable, required for remote access functionality. You networl connect the hard drives in the server to any computer and read the drives. I realized I had to blind! Also as a double check I had a user check to see if the server is visible of site and it is. So now for the problem I am seeing.

Now I have connectivity to my server! The MediaSmart gave me no feedback apart from some happy-sounding hard drive noises. Saturday, March 15, 2: I think you have a problem with your DSL service. Minimum Client-computer Requirements One or more computers that meet ex70 exceed these requirements:. There is nothing worse then when you have a server and its not functioning properly, I know I have been there myself. Netwoork the MediaSmart HP released the first MediaSmart server inand there was much interest at the time both for the compact yet innovative hardware and the embedded Windows Home Server operating system.

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