The latter is achieved by supporting content protection technology, which allows certified software players to stream audio without loss of quality to a video accelerator or another expansion card with HDMI port. In addition to that, ALCA implements DTS Connect technology, which provides several ways of connecting a computer to a multi-channel audio system in order to get 3-D sound. It is mounted using 8 screws with all corners firmly secured. This makes it possible to perform a single boot-up, from a CD-drive for example, without the inconvenience of having to make changes in BIOS Setup. Brand technologies and features Xpress Recovery 2 – restoring a previously saved image of a hard disk partition using an integrated BIOS utility. The way they heat up brings back the unpleasant memories of system boards based on G, although G33 produces much less heat.

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Thus, Gigabyte, though it is no longer the sole trendsetter in choosing electronic components for high-end boards, still remains among the leaders, who keep utilizing the latest improvements.

Of course, you are not going to see two full-size graphics slots on a microATX board. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Indeed, there is no free space on the board’s surface, which diminishes motherborad of assembling and upgrading the system.

One of the main design disadvantages is the fact that memory modules are blocked in their slots by the video card. The lack of digital video-out sockets tigabyte is only one, and an it is an analog D-Sub at that and digital audio-in and -out sockets, which are in high demand for household media centers, weakens the position of Gigabyte G33M-DS2R in comparison to its competitors from the user’s point of view.


Gigabyte G33M-DS2R – Motherboard Based on Intel G33 Chipset

Video 3Digests Video cards: The reviewed model on the manufacturer’s website The motherboard was provided by the manufacturer. Conclusions So we have gotten acquainted with a system board that provides solid modern functionality despite its small size.

It required no updating of special managers in order to work with disk images and no updating of Windows XP drivers. This method is different from using the traditional utilities like Acronis True Image only in that one doesn’t have to boot-up from CD to perform restoration. On the positive side, the board offers a quality set of electronic components and even an ability to install two video cards.

In addition to that, ALCA implements DTS Connect technology, which provides several ways of connecting a computer to a multi-channel audio system in order to get 3-D sound. By all means, motherbord the release of i an important issue for any system board is the IDE controller being used because the chipset no longer includes one.

The second part is less evident. Frankly speaking, we can’t quite picture its target audience: Such technology reduces power consumption and, consequently, heating of these components. CPU fan connector provides automatic rotation frequency control functionality. Despite its small size the system board aspires to being called a top product.

Sergey Pikalov peek ixbt.

Gigabyte GA-G33-DS3R – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – G33

No explicit parameter values can be set, so the control is truly automatic: The first part becomes obvious when one looks at the list of the board’s additional controllers and peripheral ports. However, its abilities and interface are certainly more modest: All in all, the controller passed our tests perfectly well – “clean and clear”. Perhaps, the users of old interface devices will find this solution appealing. Non-standard settings were not tested for operability. Besides, it is unlikely that anyone would want to set up CrossFire specifically on Gigabyte G33M-DS2R when plenty of more convenient options are available on the market.


PC technology is also implemented. The motherboard allows accessing a boot-up device selection menu by pressing a specified key during POST procedure.

Two rather small aluminum heat sinks are responsible for cooling the chipset. However, the board exhibited no failures and no overheating symptoms while operating in this mode. Gigabyte traditionally produces a multitude of models for every new chipset. Very good – the quality of the analog audio output according to our test results is very high even for an HDA codec.

We shall highlight that the speed data presented here are absolutely correct in the sense that under equal conditions a system board based on G33 will finish showing a Doom 3 gameplay demo scene before a system board based on G given the same game engine settings. How attractive is such a product for the buyers? Nevertheless, the use of PCIEx4 slot the maximum possible option that utilizes all free PCI Express chipset lines along with an extra slot on the side, which in theory allows installing a PCIEx16 form-factor card in it, speaks for itself.

It decomposes regular stereo signal into channels to create a 3-D sound effect when a multi-channel system is connected via analog connection.

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