Went down to try irons. My swing speed is on the border between regular and stiff flex, so the gold Fuji is a better choice for me than the red. Hit anywhere from to yards and get lots of roll. Hi, I Was wondering if anybody knows if this club is good for someone with a Handicap of 10 or less? Probably gold shaft Once I hit a second ball with it, I noticed how loud the club sounded at impact.

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As I said at the beginning of this review, I normally play a fade, so this was a welcome surprise. No re-shaft needed with this rocket launcher. Not really sure how far they went, but second one came pretty close to the tree line.

But it has taken some getting used to for me, to tee the ball tecu inches off the ground! Golf Club Condition Guide At 2nd Swing Golf, xxl work very hard to accurately rate our clubs according to our condition guide. I have been on launch monitors and at the range with various other drivers and shafts with limited results. The club was hotter than the USGA limit of. After a few swings on the range and a few holes yesterday, it has an impressive, high and long flight and the balls rolled out when they finally landed.


I had a launch monitor session, and my swing speed and ball speed said red shaft, my launch angle screamed yellow shaft. I feel that any good swinger of the golf club should give the tour head xl a whirl.

My question is should I go with gold or red shaft?

Cleveland Hibore XL Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

I just played my first round with the HiBore XL yellow shaft One golfer said his normal draws turned into hooks but his buddy who is a slicer does wonders with the club and this guy was using the Burner tour model with an open face. Tried this club a few. Apply 2nd Swing eGift Code at checkout on 2ndSwing.

I am also not sure that butt trimming this club will have the same glorious effects that it had on my other driver. Bought the tour xl off of ebay legit, I checked in 8. I am a low single handicap player who has always put too much spin on the ball with the driver to get maximum distance when using a tour quality golf ball.

He is right, of course. The loud sound at sweet Spot. Would like to pick up a XL.

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review

Spin will make the flight higher and keep the ball in the air. Finally decided to get the XL with gold shaft after reading the reviews.

The flight I want is much higher than most guys think is optimum and this club delivers. Check shaft and loft options and find the one that launches correctly for you. The 1st drive I hit with it was certainly 20 yards past anything the Taylormade had produced, maybe a bit more! Both versions have a D5 swing weight — about two or three notches above the standard D2. Highest pricing when you trade or sell. I am a very average golfer and previously have never had any confidence whatsoever when it came to my driving.


I would like a higher ball flight and do not have access to a launch monitor. I worry that getting the gold shaft will in fact increase your spin, which can reduce distance. Excellent service a la clientle.

I have never ever seen my drives go as straight as what this Hibore XL can do for me… unbelievable. On average, I hit around five fairways and ten greens per round.

I was told by the person fitting me that the XL is a very slight draw bias. This club is going to be in my bag for a long time.

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