Those hitting this issue may see “connection timeout”, “session timeout”, or “password verification timeout” errors. With the update to PRTG version The issues covered include handling invalid length authentication codes. Gerben, thanks for the update. If an entity instance is not specified, it displays all instances of that entity. Somewhat common errors, such as timeouts or invalid hostnames, will output with increased verbosity.

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None of the channels in the sensor show anything. Add comment Created on Oct 28, 5: We performed a second test by removing the sensor on the server and re-adding it, and then the situation gets even worse.

This package supports the following driver models: Additional non-critical SEL errors or issues will also be logged.

Please verify configuration and up. Similar machines from vendors may or may not exhibit the same problems. Some remote BMCs are considerably slower than others.

Re: ipmi null pointer oops in 4.15-rc2+ on HP DL360G6

There’s actually nothing on our end that we could do about it – we needed to switch to that OID since the old one we’ve used became obsolete with the latest HP version. May iipmi in disambiguation of units e. December 9, at However, in most organizations, this is unlikely to be a security issue.


This timestamp is not necessarily incorrect.

Specify 0 to disable clearing. This helps a lot and solved issue. Created on Nov 3, 3: The authentication algorithm identifies the algorithm to use for session setup, the integrity algorithm identifies the algorithm to use for session packet signatures, and the confidentiality algorithm identifies the algorithm to use for payload encryption.

Last change on Oct 21, 4: Created on Nov 2, 3: This upmi be caused by a cold reset or any other unexpected shutdown. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

ipmitool gives “Authentication type NONE not supported” – Stack Overflow

When possible, workarounds have been implemented so they will be transparent to the user. This returns a large table with every sensor in the system and its status. For example, in the output shown in the previous example, all the fans are entity Created on Oct 24, 7: Last change on Feb 14, I am still getting the error after clearing the IML log.


This allows the user to add the localhost into the hostranged output. Please check configuration or inputs and try again. Multiple states can be listed separted by comma.

Add comment Created on Oct 27, A “password invalid” error described above or a generic “session timeout” described below occurred. However, some will require the user to specify a workaround be used via the -W option. Sensors used only for matching with SEL records.

This may significantly improve the wall clock running time of tools because an operating system scheduler’s granularity may be much larger than the time it takes to perform a single IPMI message transaction.

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