APN is dependant on contract. Osiris85 Senior Member Aug 26, Thanks for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. Could you please explain a bit more about the Python Software? Have to unmount the device storgae before connecting though.

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Also you can submit more information for it by looking to https: Ericsson Fg Mobile Broadband Minicard. Martin Pitt pitti huawsi on Outputs from lsusb, lshal and lspci are attached.

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If you don’t understand the implications of the code you are executing should you be doing so in the first place?

How to unlock Huawei 3G modems | MyBroadband

How do you run this? If you had installed this software in your system before, you will get a prompt: Joined Jun 22, Messages 10, If you got no response at all no output or ‘CommError’you have to restart the process.


May need dummy username and password enter anything DNS Servers: Windows utility has this capability. What exactly does it do?

In Maverick and Natty, after switching, follow the New Connection wizard and you’ll be ok. Mobile Partner is huwei most popular program, but it version 23 is not available for Linux, you can install version 21 following the steps below. Thank you Park, its nice to get a straight answer from someone for a change.

Detected out of the box with 9. You must r510 in or register to reply here. Module is a Sierra MC, use Driver from sierra wireless.

Data Card Info

I have followed your answer, and it is the most forward way to install Mobile Partner, however, I would advise against it. APN depends on contract. Works in Lucid only lnux usb-modeswitch installed. Dialing with NM 0.

Had to use the Instructions here to load the device [ http: You are losing out on amazing benefits because you are not a member. Not detected NM 0. Ockie Resident Lead Bender Aug 17, If you have trouble switching, so that the ports show, just eject the “CD” drive that mounts. Joined Jun 6, Messages 11, How do we install it? Found this here: See full activity log.


I understand what the code does and the implications, what I don’t understand is how the code should be executed. Thread starter ginggs Start date Aug 16, Osiris85 Senior Member Aug 25, I don’t currently have a modem to unlock so i am not gonna spend time on it.

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