BTW, before anyone asks, the computer I am remoting into I have connected to the switch by ethernet, and have wifi connected to the router, that way I can remote into the system and take screenshots and make changes, only problem is, I can’t check the changes, until I get back to the office in the morning. I had the Android File Transfer utility installed. How is it’s IP set? Yep, rebooting doesn’t help. Sorry if im coming off as a jerk, but it seems as though im getting nowhere on this project. I just got done doing VLANs and I’m waiting for another machine to be delivered to set that one up as well. Each VLAN being their own suite in a business.

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If you’re concerned about access from internal networks then setup adaapter VPN server and put rules in to only allow access to the webgui from VPN connected clients. So i will try those things when I get there.

Rafael Barrios – Venezuela 46 2. Sign up using Facebook. I had the same problem and a couple of minutes ago I saw something about the “Android File Transfer Agent” having problems with the device.

Product information, software announcements, and special offers. Lets not forget rootkits were just old dos viruses, that the youngsters forgot about. I’ve tried both USB ports on the Air.


But no real additional security anyone could read the MAC and spoof it. As Derelict points out, probably easier to just spoof the MAC to something else when you want access. Even after you have gotten this up and running, it still would be best to scrap it and make a proper pfsense than to use this one. I always warn people away from USB ethernet with pfsense. That’s how you debug networks, but you can do it in a methodical fashion. I also called someone to help me out with this and they suggested insighia same things.

Post as a guest Name. Always try this first, before trying a crazy solution.

USB 3.0-to-Gigabit Ethernet Adapter For Insignia NS-PU98635 Mac or PC

As far as I can tell, the mac doesn’t know it’s even plugged in. Start at layer 1 the physical link itself and work your way up. I could have a second usb nic and repeat the above steps for a backup measure.

Intel nics have had forms of remote access in their nics since the ‘s.

USB Ethernet adapters suck. So any HELP with my current situation would be greatly appreciated.

DNS has to work. There’s no way to know in advance what an adapter might do.

INSIGNIA USB Ethernet Adaptor driver and … – Apple Community

Insigmia the nic comes up automatically and works as required, that would make securing pfsense a novel way with a physical key and a password effectively giving you a sort of two form tehernet authentication. Even when you get them to “work” they still suck USB solution isn’t cost effective. A usb nic is a less obvious place to store info whilst being in plain sight.


Manufacturers change chipset or fimrware versions frequently and don’t label anything.

Anyone have an idea how I can troubleshoot this? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I installed driver from here: Like I said I can ping Those VLANs are all working on the new machine, I have it hooked up to a switch and each port is getting its appropriate IP addresses and I’ve tested each port insugnia I can ping websites IP addresses, but not their http addresses.

You declared them all? However, the mac never detects the new network interface.

Considering most people here asking about vlans probably have little to no experience of them, the suggested use would render some users of vlans more vulnerable than if they did not attempt to use it.

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