However, the trickle of P45 boards should soon become a torrent. The default BIOS values need some adjustment to get acceptable results. Not quite, Windows told me the hardware had changed and I had to reactivate. My scores went up. Crystal Mark on the other hand , pretty much gives me the same results every time.

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Any one, any idea? Since I installed this driver, I’ve had an issue with my mouse jumping on the screen.

Configure SATA as IDE or AHCI in the BIOS?

This time there was no crash, but the machine also immediately woke up again, I could not get it to stay in sleep mode. Welp, I might just stand self corrected http: Usability wise it makes sense to have a default that will let you see the entire desktop, vs.

MooNMar 22, There is a review of the Intdl on AnandTech. I have been contacted by several readers that experience similar issues, I urge you to contact Intel support and notify Intel of the problems. Intel support says the 6.


Some type of link other then the installation files.

Intel announces P45, G45 Express chipsets – The Tech Report

Am I missing something? There’s a press release and everything. So far everything appears to work fine. I love ThinkPad notebooks, they are workhorses that keep on going and going. Better driver for me.

Change it and try again. Please check for updated firmware for your system.

Intel DP45SG motherboard problem (amd64)

Most things worked fine, audio output device was automatically detected and set to HDMI, but HD audio passthrough did not work, and several videos showed artifacts during playback, even worse, some videos caused lots of artifacts and caused the device to hang. I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time!

When I tried to install it, I realized that this was really a mm fan, or at least the mounting holes were for a mm fan. There is a three-pin power plug on the power brick side, and a two-pin power plug on the wall side, with a loose ground wire. Since I was running the The small physical size of the fan probably contributes anci the high pitch of the fan noise and makes it more noticeable.


Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Posted April 6, Posted April 21, MSDN has the following to say: I also noticed that the control panel menu layout has completely changed, and not aahci the better.

Customize The Tech Report But with this option enabled, the two stock Lian-Li 80mm rear fans would not run at all.

Intel DP45SG Free Driver Download (Official)

When I received the ID11, the specs said 2GB only, and after contacting Zotac support, and posting in their support forumthey confirmed that 4GB is not supported. This device still shows promise, but not in its current state. I get the feeling that these drivers don’t ingel TRIM. Sign in Already have an account?

Posted April 7, The first time I got something, the other two I got something. It seems to keep jumping up to the top middle of the screen.

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