Mon Dec 10, 2: Ravendas Ars Praefectus Registered: Edited January 29, by Nov 23, Posts: Otherwise, if the IDE controller like my SiI card isn’t supported by Microsoft’s IDE controller driver that comes on the Windows CD, Setup won’t even find the hard disk—you will need to either slipstream the driver into the installation image and burn the slipstream Windows installation CD, or use an F6 floppy carrying your IDE controller’s driver. Mon Dec 10, 6: Mon Dec 10, 7:

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Posted January 29, edited. Whichever you have fewer of are the JMicron ports.

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I click on repair and then this is where the problem I am having uch9r. I have an exactly same problem and wondering if switching to Intel Raid controller will fix the problem. I am also using the DS3L version, newest bios. Like continuum and many of the others, I just skimmed your post, and didn’t realize that your boot drive was running off the JMicron PATA interface.

Since I also integrated the ethernet drivers, the installed system could access the net and update itself. P and DHX 1.


Join Date Mar Posts I actually could NOT get the guide you linked to work– it can’t find bb-run. I bought 4 of those drives for that price in Houston.

Posted January 29, My BIOS is setup as follows. Jrman52 you need to post a bit more info. Sign in with Google. Thu Dec 13, 7: I’m going to give Pastek a bump intrl and diverge for a second toi close a loop.

Don’t think this is the issue, though.

Gigabyte vs ICH9R SATA controller: Which is best?

But I was so happy to finally get that system q running to fold proteins that I didn’t run the FC8 test. I’m thinking that maybe vd PCIE link just does not have enough bandwidth available to it or the motherboard or chipset is not distributing the bandwidth efficiently enough when the demand calls for it!

Jan 18, Posts: I updated the drivers for Gigaraid and gigabtte improved it heaps but every so often when I’m playing music off the RAID it will stutter and lag! I have my swap file on D: Mine does, though I generally maintain a Windows XP installation CD image with the latest service pack and recent hotfixes slipstreamed in anyway, so it isn’t much effort to add in a driver as well.


Posted November 13, Ggabyte sign in with one of these services. Sign In Sign Up.

See this bug report. More than likely there won’t be a difference but maybe I will mess around with it if I get time.

So what is the solution here? Inhel terms of capabilities I’m only going to do mirroring, so as far as I know it’s a tie.

ATA / SATA / AHCI madness on Gigabyte P35 DS3P ?

I do not remember how much faster it was when I tested them, but enough to not make me think twice about which to use for my RAID setup. What I don’t understand rais It then gets to the screen where you have the option to install or repair windows vista. Posted August 4,

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