Does anybody know if I can get a rollup usb keyboard to work with this method. Am i being an idiot or are these programs untested with your script? I changed the script a little to add: Excellent, I got the hi hat working too which was a bonus. Thanks for our hard work. Thanks Comment by Solid — November 19, 6: My only question is this,do i copy the entire script and run in glovepie,or just the parts with the drum info?

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I had another joystick connected and the drums need to be Controller 1, not 2 as it led05 defaulting to, so if it doesnt work — make sure you uninstall any existing joysticks.

Pearl Corporation Ier05 and orchestral drums and percussion instruments, hardware and accessories. RSS feed for comments on this post. Comment by saraguato — January 11, 2: I found that some calibration is better than no calibration — mainly for the velocity ranges.

Comment by john — July 1, 2: Sounds much better using the Soundbank through X-Fi but its just too quiet and I cant seem to boost it enough for me not to oed05 able to hear the stick hits on the pads! Wavosaur free audio editor Size: Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to DJ Yoshiman for suggestions: My problem was that Cakewalk was not picking up on my soundcard as an out. I am using Anvil studio as the midi program, but mxc I test midi connections it says the device is busy and gives an error code for the anvil studio people then shows the midi test screen, however with the midi in an out set to the drum it randomly says that drum pads are going on and off when they are not and when selecting midi out port 2 the program crashes….


I was able to get the cymbol choke to work in fl studio.

Depending on your software you may have to explicitly set the MIDI channel to 10 to hear percussion sounds. Strange that it would lag particularly with that or any one piece of software. Unfortunately, I’ve not made any progress on this yet – had my hands full for the past couple of weeks with other things!

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I then tried it again but by deleting the code for joystick1. There is no MIDI activity registering. Comment by Adrian — January 19, 1: Comment by element — September 22, 3: Drumtrax MIDI drum pattern library with kon variations, intros, fills and endings for song I selected all the right devices in Fruityloops and my dad also tried it in Cubase, both not working.

The ioh virtual cable is no longer at the site referenced here.

I’ll see if I can get something sorted this weekend that I can send in some easily installable form Ive found an alternative to glovepie. I had to burn my own CD, as the ,ac were zipped from the download and the program requires a drive lable E.


If you do, uncomment this!

Anyone got any thoughts? Comment by The Walster — April 15, kac Cheers Comment by Jay — March 8, 8: Thanks for this article!

Is it possible to make the ion iED05 Drum Kit work withLogic – Logic Pro Help

As far as velocities go, the drum kit uses various axes… axisis… max. Comment by madriff — December 30, 2: V drums and Pearl kit. Which is a mess Anyone have this problem or kno what im doing wrong?! Comment by Ian — February 27, 2: Also…I can only get an open hi hat sound from the hat pad.

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