Findbugs needs sources to be compiled. In both cases, the use of a -Dsonar. I somehow missed the “Advanced” button on the Sonar tab. Hi, Could you please Sonar user mailing list http: Failed to execute goal org. There’s no installation to configure, the only choice is “default” and clicking on that does nothing, ie.

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Permalink Dec 07, Driver’ for connect URL ‘http: Could you please create ticket in Jira http: Sign up using Facebook.

View SonarQube Scanner on the plugin site for more information. Please include in the next version a flag to hide or mask these values.

Failed to execute goal org. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When I tried to build anyway it told me “No Sonar installation on this job.

I was able to use SonarGlobalConfiguration to setup the Sonar configuration pointing to an installation. I am getting the following when it is trying to mtsql findbugs. So my tests are all failed.


Is there any way to add a link to the sonar project page from the hudson project page? Learn how your comment data is processed.

Setting up Jenkins/SonarQube

It should trigger the build process in Jenkins. I understand sinar tests may run more than once, but it would be nice to continue to have quick at-a-glance metrics and trends in hudson, then be able to click off to sonar for deeper analysis.

In console output it says Recently we introduced Sonar, and your great plugin. Hi there, I am trying to install the plugin in Hudson 1. To simulate the behaviour of automatically triggering the build when code is pushed to Github, access the URL http: Permalink Feb 23, I am using ant.

Yes – see following page: I’ve followed all the described installation steps and the Sonar creates 25 tables in the DB.

Installing Jenkins and SonarQube on Ubuntu Server – Jean’s_blog

Once the installation is completed, go back to Dashboard and click on Manage Jenkins and go to Configure System. Permalink May 29, Permalink Jebkins 27, I am stuck on another problem now.


Skip to content Sharing is caring! Great plugin you developed, thanks.

Installing SonarQube on AWS EC2 and integration with Jenkins

Permalink Aug 05, Another question, is there a way to add exclusion lists from the plugin, like for generated files? I use Hudson 1.

Permalink May 27, We can configure Jenkins to perform Sonar code quality checks if the build is successful. Extract it run sonarqube

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