Ask a question – opens in a new window or tab. Today, I ventured up another mountain with a car battery to power the camera’s wall jack attachment which has worked like a charm for a year. Communicate with the manufacturer the first sign of a problem don’t wait. I try to transfer video to my computer but it doesn’t work. Since I got performace plan from circuit city, I will bring it to them and see if they could take care of the problem.

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Tape or no tape, it made no difference.

I wish you luck and patience maybe I can purchase some of that on Ebay! I’d appreciate some help. I’m very surprised that the recent models are even worse and less reliable than mine.

It worked for a while then it started to show “tape not in” message grd-vl107e when the tape was in. It’s been taken on many dive trips around the world. I’m going back to Lanzarote in a month, so I think I’ll throw it through the window of the shop, does that justify a tap on the side?

JVC GR-DVL – camcorder – Mini DV Overview – CNET

I began examining the internal parts and discovered that the piece that displays the most movement is the cassette vr-dvl107e the piece that you load the cassette into which then retracts into the body of the camera and receives the tape head. Curiously the Off setting no longer seems to work I would love to join in teh the group suit. Mine also developed the problem after warranty period expired. This is only a minor drawback though, as most people that would purchase this camera would probably not bother with trying to change lenses.


No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the camera to play past that part without getting a E03 error.

Now it’s your turn. I got my DVM90 two months ago. Before this occured I had never had a problem with other brand tapes and I had been running aa digital tv station where we used tons of other ones. If so, what did JVC say? Something in the picture g-rdvl107e lots of detail moving fast stretches the system to its limits. It’s 2 years old. I tried to fix myself the broken camcorder and it come out that a tiny connector had become desoldered from the motherboard.

JVC GR-DVL107 – camcorder – Mini DV Series

So far so good until next time: Dont know if JVC sucks or my friends. They say bad nnews travels 10 times faster than good news.

Let me know about the class action suit The technician there told me E04 problem is a sign of video head problems. Guess I can’t hurt it none since it doesn’t work anyway. We apologise for any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding and support.


Otherwise though, is a nice feature. Seems the Sony tapes internals locked the lever in the tape body that unlocks the tape reals when is pushed in by the camcorder during loading is not as well made on the Sony tape compared to others and consequently the tape jammed. Stacy — Stacy SampleNovember 10, I have a new sony DVD camera right now.

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I think JVC have very poor quality control in their factory maybe super cheap labour from 3rd world contries. I even teased her about the deluge of email I expected her to get from this, and she took it in good spirit. So I emailed her, and she was most helpful with giving me information.

To hell with jvc.

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