Comment 71 Kyle M Hall Maybe I am missing something more complex? Comment 18 Kyle M Hall Send drivers Nearly all cellular providers allow a person to send an text message to a cellular phone by sending an email to phonenumber provider. Bug [QA Followup] – Add feedback to delete button if provider is being used 5.

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Comment 25 Chris Cormack Comment 70 Kyle M Hall Comment 6 Melia Meggs Kyle can you rebase this. Comment 14 Kyle M Hall Comment 46 Kyle M Hall Description Kyle M Hall Comment Kyle M Hall It will work this time. Comment 85 Kyle M Hall However due to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India TRAI rules, in India we need to use three parameters, the third one being a mandatory, 6-character, nationally unique senderid koa to every bulk transactional SMS sender in Kohx.


Koha SMS Message for Due Date – LIS Links | Social Network for Librarians in India Since

Comment 71 Kyle M Hall Install the driver by typing in install SMS:: P5 – low enhancement vote. Comment 76 Dms Druart Clicking this link will take you into the cellular providers editor. However, if you are still using Koha 3. Database on tables they introduce? From here you can add, edit and delete providers your patrons use.

Comment 33 Kyle M Hall Comment 72 Kyle M Hall A few feedbacks anyway: Comment 1 Kyle M Hall Save the koga even if the sms number is not modified 1. Reset hard to master. Restore old DB Apply the patches Now, if you are on Koha 3.

A nice simple elegance to the SMS Provider list. This code is capable of accepting two parameters i.

Modify Koha to send an email rather than using SMS:: Comment 16 Kyle M Hall Send drivers – Followup 3. Notify me of koh comments by email.


We have the same behavior on smart-rules. However, there is a simpler way to send a text message to a patron; by email.

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