Kensington Security Slot On the sc3, I have noticed, blocksize of 1M,2M,4M give faster backups. I want to do the same thing Bruno but honestly you’re better off installing the new beta of Windows 7 until these driver issues get ironed out. Again the penmount site has the source code for ubuntu 8. It drives the video, IDE, etc. Also, I am trying to get mplayer-vaapi working and have not had much luck.

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When I get one that detects my wi-fi and the correct screen resolution I’ll be getting rid of Windows. Using Intel technology and configurations that will include Intel Atom processors, the Kohjinsha SC is a compact Netbook computer thats capable of acting as your office PC. As for Win Xp, the main reason why ,inux are complaining about Vista is because of its under-developed drivers. So, let me put this in one post The reason for dd or alike is because the recovery partition is usually launched through hidden vendor code embedded in the linjx after the MBR.

No graphical mode yet, but coming soon i presume, though splash images http: There is a good tutorial here: I also just tried booting to the USB stick then selecting “Boot from first Hard disk”, liinux the kernel params and booting.


Kohjinhsa i suggest you do is to do a system recovery. Hi allankyoto, finally SC3 arrived yesterday, it is really small, I like it: Just blank screen and blinking cursor in the upper left corner.

Guys, I just kohjinshz to ask you 2 questions: I have this same problem with my Kohjinsha SC3; I’ve found that by installing Opensuse it boots up properly; however, opensuse doesn’t have support for kohjinsja psb video driver then again it barely works on ubuntu You can install from the liveCD. Yes all are being booted from grub. With its stunning 7-inch touch screen display, this mini-notebook offers you the best on-screen performance, enabling you to operate full Microsoft Office applications, watch films or view pictures of your last holiday.

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I know you can do this use dd over ethernet Thanks in advance for anyone out there ho can assist! Ya, I know, shouldn’t have turned this into a dd lovefest, not the proper thread for it. For some reason, the SC3 then boots. On the ‘Configuring grub-pc’ screen ensure ‘Chainload from menu.

Also please have a Ubuntu live USB with you before you start. HI ,ohjinsha got a used SX3, can the 1.


[ubuntu] Ubuntu on Kohjinsha SC3 Again [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

You should now be rebooted into your legacy grub boot loader menu. The choice is yours. Thanks again, best regards, Kent.

You know after you’re done installing and it prompts if you want to restart, is that when you somehow magically use grub2?

What applications to install if I want to work for openstreetmap? Maybe the root statement is wrong the grub root I mean, not the kernel root. But if there are so many driver problems, it will be kohjinshw difficult.

I couldn’t get full resolution on the projector x but x works fine. Previous topic Next topic. Now it is important that we do not reboot the machine until step 3 and 4 is completed.

Currect price comprise device with Microsoft XP Home. First lets understand the problem I have lots of time, btw.

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