Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Since then we have created the LTSPedia, a new and very informative wiki. The thin client should normally be able to auto-detect the card. LTSP-Cluster can support Linux application servers as well as Windows application servers and provides a similar level of support, centralized management, high-availability, and load-balancing features for both platforms.

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New thin clients and legacy PCs alike can be used to browse the web, send e-mail, create documents, and run other desktop applications. Sign up using Email and Password. Generally, terminals are low-powered, lack a hard disk and are quieter and more reliable than desktop lhsp because they do not have displag moving parts.

In normal circumstances, you shouldn’t need to specify anything here, as most hardware will be auto-detected. What will then happen is the program consuming the memory will die, as opposed to the thin client itself.

SDB:KIWI-LTSP How it works – openSUSE Wiki

LTSP is unique in offering the ability for a computer to mount its root filesystem over a network and run applications locally. For example, lfsp your thin client comes up in a higher resolution than what you want, say, x, specifying: LTSP is backed and supported by an active community.


This does not apply to the xdmcp or startx screen script. Maybe there is a simpler solution? Note that the numlockx command must be installed in the chroot for this to work.

For distributions that use NFS, the traditional lts. My laptop has an Didplay graphics card. Is it possible to set display configuration programmatically on login time?

Please take a look at the proposal and sign up. Improving access to computers becomes less costly as thin client machines can be older computers that are no longer suitable for running a full desktop OS. It comes with an option to install the LTSP server. In the case of a LTSP fat client, the root filesystem is not a rudimentary chroot but a full Linux installation as a chroot.

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Linux Terminal Server Project

This technology is becoming popular in schools as it allows disolay school to provide pupils access to computers without purchasing or upgrading expensive desktop machines. Otherwise, modprobe will be used.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. The section defined by [default] gets applied to all clients, unless there is a specification for a particular client that overrides it. If you have one machine that is acting as the server for everything, then you can just specify the address here and omit the other server parameters.


The entire command line that you would use when running insmod can be specified here. February 15th, 2.

Archived from the original on If you have problems with a parallel printer only printing part of the print job, try setting this to True.

Browse displlay success stories to learn more about deployments or share your story with the community.

Join Date Sep Beans 1. Programs like Firefox and Evince can use up so much ram, that they eventually exhaust all your physical ram, and NBD swap, causing your thin client to crash.

I mean setting it by mate-display-properties once and then load this settings on the selected clients.

Experimentation has shown a value between 80 and 90 will usually keep the terminal alive. Many thanks guys, Kingsley. Currently, possible values include: An nbd-server export named swap is normally used. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

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