It’s ok I guess. Views Read View source View history. Current version is 1. This is virtually identical to revision 3, no differences have been spotted so far. I think I’ve tried with a 0. The black metal bar is just the security card holder.

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Download Capcom Play System 3 ROMs

It is most commonly used as a Kick Harnessextending the JAMMA 3 buttons per player to 6 buttons, and is used by all the games in this platform. However serial number in the pictured board is lower than on the revision 3 above. Cool Thank you so much. I didn’t try it yet using mame but I don’t see the option you mean. I’ve already been helped heaps by this community, just paying it forward Let me know if it all goes to plan. Very recently Septemberthere has been significant progress towards restoring suicided CPS3 boards.

I’ll try to remember how I got it to work.

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Capcom of Japan is rumored to still service them through local retailers, but this is unconfirmed. I’m trying to use afba I can run Neogeo roms if I set the neogeo. It is unknown c;s3 a A-1 revision exists and was released to the public.


The plastic case cover was kept and is closed on all our boards. Boards Help Wiki Rules Donate.

However if the board is set for the larger games, it will run without using the extra memory without problems. Might explain your black screens.

If you use a certain place that’s a “paradise for emulators” it will tell you what’s needed for each rom.

But, what about emulating CPS3? Or with latest fba4droid which is this: Retrieved from ” https: I’ve just tried with Mame 0. It seems I was using a wrong romset.

Please see this thread for more information. Like I mentioned, you may not have the right romset. You HAVE to be in the game first for the options to appear. Use a romset from a mame at least 0. The easiest way to find them is to google “Street Fighter Third Strike no cd mame” or something similar.

“Mame ” Emulator – CPS3 –

It’s ok I guess. Maybe the rom isn’t in the correct format. Cps33 to achieve my goal somewhat Nothing can be done by the community regarding suicide cartridges. This could be used for in game input or service purposes, but were removed in later revisions. The battery can be changed to prevent it from committing suicide, and this should be done once every 5 years or whichever is the expected life of the battery used.


Each game has different storage requirements, so a dps3 suited for one game might need more memory to run other game. The process of installing a game to the board takes between 25 and 45 minutes.

There’s also a version of Final Burn called Fba4droid. I have some CPS3 mme which I’d like to play. The main difference between them is the section of the board that is covered by a white plastic case, which is closed by the same kind of screw CPS-III security carts use.

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