The Bad Slow route calculation. Bottom Line A good GPS receiver, but the irritating audio notifications and lack of advanced customisation features mean this isn’t the device to take on long drives. The voice guidance is very good, it speaks the name of the next road and counts down the distance with a reasonable lead time. Although you’ll need either a pair of headphones with a 2. The visual notifications on this device are well done, with four different options as to how directions are presented. Not sure if backup function worked well for me, if unit reset, would lose all but first few personal POIs I had added. It can be set to ask if you want to reroute, 5″ automatic.

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I recommend you spend a little more and get a newer model that has a menu that has evolved over the years and is more user friendly. The unit also comes with safety features. This is a fairly standard 3.

The package also included a combination USB car charger ,io a dashboard mount.

I would use the waypoint feature to just pick a spot somewhere along another route to force it dibiwalker go that way and then I could instantly see how long that would take if I didn ‘t like it, easy delete to return to old route. We’ve changed, we promise.

Mio DigiWalker C230 Automotive Mountable

One area where the unit can be improved is its audio notifications. Did most entries quicker than my new unit. The battery lasts for about 4 hours with the GPS turned on. For example, when you select a suburb, only street names for that particular suburb are displayed and only those selected keys on the keyboard are activated.


Pros Ease of use, all accessories are included in the package, fast location acquisition. Notably, it has been able to find some routes to some private roads gated community which other GPSs I’ve used were unable to display.

The C can set up a multi-stop route and then allow you to see the whole thing, scan how far and how long to each point just by touching a timeline. The built-in speaker is good and loud, low volume was another problem I’ve had with other units.

I’ve used this unit for almost two years and I’ve found it to be overall extremely reliable. You may also like. Brand Post The Science Behind Healthy Cooking In multicultural Australia, the opportunity for home cooks to expand their culinary horizons is too tempting to resist. I used the type of vehicle setting to change the travel estimates when going through some digiwlaker.

Sometimes overestimates limited access dgiwalker express lanes in middle, nto many lightsso it will choose another route. This is an older model with out dated maps.

Mio DigiWalker + review: Mio DigiWalker + – CNET

Visit manufacturer site for details. I do recommend downloading a hack program that contains additional functionalities you would find useful. Keep digiwalkdr mind the maps on this are fromand some roads that were changed some are now dead ends, others now go through, others have been re-aligned decades ago have not been updated. You can also view the map in 2D or 3D modes, or choose between night and day modes. In the C, the sidebar can show either a list of nearby points of interest digiawlker or, best of all, a list of turn instructions many roads in advance.


It measures in at x 78 x 26mm and weighs g, so you’ll feel it in your pocket both from digiwa,ker weight and more importantly a size perspective. Never tried it, but the hack also allows you to change other stuff like icons, background.

But for the C, Mio has refined the backing plate, including for the first time a mini-USB port for charging, as well as a quick release lever. Like other Mios we’ve tested, the windscreen mount is a two piece design: Continue to next page 01 Maps are outdated, but still does digiwakker job.

At Mio, we do wonderful things that better people’s lives – Mio

There’s a catch there anyway, which we’ll get to later. The Mio comes with a 3. My only complaint is the annoying beep prior to each verbal instruction See details for additional description. The Good Complete Australian roads index. Expeditor for a living.

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