The drives will be tested in all available drive modes. MSI Theater Pro: The tool contains five synthetic and three practice tests. The Bios shows that it is there but when the system boots it will go fine until the end of the boot sequence where it looks like a blue screen then reboots very quickly. It makes the setup easier as well as cleaner. You cannot simply swap Windows form one machine to another. I did try to load from the old IDE to see if it would boot up on the new system and it did the same blue screen.

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The brushed aluminium door gives the unit a great look. Just don’t select RAID anywhere, okay? There is no need to search for small needles and pin for this unit.

SilverStone TS231U-C Dual-Bay USB-C RAID Enclosure Review

rqid The two sides explain the features a little more. On the rear is the power connector as well as the RAID selection. This test will show us the maximum possible rid of the enclosure. While it might be a simple DAS, it comes with the latest connection technologies. Windows 8 and newer versions do, and that should cover the majority of users. The old 80g HDD came straight out of my old machine that was working fine it was just older and needed to be updated a bit so I scavenged the usable parts and am trying to put them into the new machine.


You may want to disable “auto-restart” for the bluescreen to stay on your screen. While that is cool, it does bring along the limitation ms7-103 only supporting one size of drives.

In Sequential tests, the program measures the time it takes to read and write a 1 GB file respectively. So, I kept digging through by cupboards and boxes with hardware and found something riad that could be used.

SATA drive not found

Mail will not be published required. MSI Theater Pro: But let us talk a bit about the general design first. The TSU-C will be a great choice for those who need more storage than their internal offerings and also need that storage to support hot-swapping and RAID. Please login or register. Above the door are the LEDs for power and status as well as drive activity for the two drive bays.

The mobo is listed as ms raie the board and the retail name is FM3-V Thanks for the help thus far! The drives will be tested in all available drive modes.

Thanks for the help thus far! You could still get yourself an aftermarket USB Type-C to Raod cable should you want to use the new reversible connector at both ends. Hard drives have the capacity advantage while SSDs provide a better performance. The second controller is the ASM which is a passive 10Gbps signal switch. The installation is plug-and-play all the way through.


As far as the priority goes I have: When you are loading Windows from the old HDD, the error you describe is understandable. I disabled the RAID option and it still went to a blue screen and rebooted. Please just take your old 80GB to another system and rid to see if it is working normally.

I did try to load from the old IDE to see if it would boot up on the new system and it did the same blue screen. The synthetic tests determine the sequential and random read and write performance of the SSD. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. The device itself is made from an SECC body with an aluminium finish.

Is there something I have to do within windows to get this going or do you think it is with the Bios? I dug out some old 2.

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