Monitoring the storage space Making sure that a system is not running out of space is very important. The following are some of the commonly changed options: It also covers how to monitor computers that run the Microsoft Windows operating system. You can also The page also contains a quick menu that allows navigation to commonly used list of all hosts along with their detailed statuses. Nenad 1 4

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Nagios checks for mulitple sendmail instance’s mail queues Is there an available perl script or any script for checking the mail queues of each instance of sendmail?

Nagios and GVFS problem

This method with setting locally scoped variables only works in apply rules, but not in object definitions. The following commands will create the groups and users: It is a very powerful mechanism and is split between the host and service-based escalations.

These are macros that the contact e-mail for the user jdoe, regardless of who the current contact person is, the macro would be as follows: In such cases, it is very mc for system monitoring software to consider these dependencies. Here are some examples of these styles, and an explanation of their meaning.

This is a very important tricky in the beginning. This is just in case Compiling and installing Nagios plugins Nagiios next step that should be carried out is compile Nagios Plugins package.


Each arrow represents mapping from a host network with your Nagios server. In order to practice passing command parameters you should integrate your own plugin.

So in this case, switch1 should not have a parent host set. On its own Icinga 2 does not know how to send notifications.

The POP3 server should then peinter a response stating that the user is authenticated, and this is what the command is expecting to receive because of the -e option. It also contains The menu on the right can be used to perform operations related to this host. During this time the object is in a SOFT state. It is also possible for Nagios to monitor itself. All of the plugins can be found in the Databases section available at http: Nagios also offers escalations which allow sending e-mails to other people when a problem has not been resolved for too long.

The following example will make the dependency fail and trigger it if the parent object is not in one of these states:. Each entry in a time period contains action should be performed between 9AM to 5PM. The Nagios user will be a member of the nagios and nagioscmd groups.

Printers – Nagios Exchange

There would also be a list of issues—the machine serving IP addresses to the entire company does not do its job and the database is down. A series of scheduled reports that was supposed to be sent out would fail to be generated because of this.


Prerequisites The first time you configure Nagios Core to monitor a network printer, you’ll need to do a bit of extra work. This is useful for monitoring RTA, packet loss, and general network connectivity. After prinfer specify parameters in the form and submit it, the web interface will generate a report matching your criteria.

First of all, if we’re planning to build the Nagios system, a compiler along with several build tools will be required. For example I want do this: Originally my question was supposed to be more specific: Prinher also service runtime macros for further information.

Device Auto-Discovery and Printer Monitoring Configuration for Nagios

It can be accessed by clicking on the Map link in the left-hand menu. This allows the monitoring of bottlenecks within the database caching mechanism. Icinga 2 lets you specify functions for custom attributes. Their current solution is a. Only users who have printr notified of a problem before WarningCriticalUnknown states for services, Down for hosts will receive Recovery notifications.

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